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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Any new thing for Vday? Or upcoming events?

In an effort to respond to your emails and comments about Blenko 's plans for the V-Day holiday and upcoming events,  we wrote to K Trippe VP Blenko Glass.
Her response is below.

Hi Hillary,
We do have a pretty good display of stuff for Valentine's day as well as the limited edition cinnamon mini water bottle at the VC. As for upcoming events our spring open house is on March 16th and our annual warehouse sale is from March 16th-30th. The warehouse is closed on Sundays and the hours are posted on our website. We are offering classes during the open house also listed on our website. .




Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who finds this response offensive?
I sort of understand why Hillary isn't always on top of things, she doesn't work for Blenko and she is a full time dentist.
But does not Katie work for Blenko? Why wouldn't she send photos, most especially when ask.
I go to the Blenko Glass website and also the facebook, facebook does have good photos, but why not share the photos?
A good number of people do not like Facebook, and don't follow Facebook.
This is free source of advertisement for Blenko is it not?
Thanks to the newspaper and also to Hilary.
I am not a MBA, Lawyer or a business manager
if I were perhaps I would 'get' these behaviors.
I for one do not care what Blenko is making for Valentine's Day. I'll go to the March sale only to resell the cheap glass. Glass no collector would want to collect. Mis stakes, mis shapes, etc.
I love this sale.
G. Dodd

Anonymous said...

Strange response? Photos of these items?

Anonymous said...

Question for KT and Blenko. Are the men working only one week in Feb? I say this as the schedule has demonstrations for one day only and nothing for March or April.
Will the shop close after the March sale?
This year I wanted to bring my kids during the spring break.
As soon as you can let us know.

sweetdoc said...

Personality changes with forum.
I also wish Blenko were more inclusive.
Choices are - - purchase only from after market, find another glass to collect, or buy from the factory.
Things are not looking good for Blenko and have not good look for a decade.
I continue to buy from the factory and the gift shop and over look the personalities. The people who make the glass are nice, the glass is good so why allow one or three divas to alter your experience.
Thank you glassdoc keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

KT is the best thing to happen to Blenko.
KT , she took over the company several years ago
after those incompetent men who ran it for years right into the ground.
KT is the best educated hardest worker perhaps the only hard worker in the place.
She must do everything and does most of it alone.
If she decided to make glass she would be doing it all she now is a graphic designer for the company in addition to her admin duties and her duties of promoting and selling the glass.
She is busy.
No more KT bashing.
Friend of Blenko

Anonymous said...

There a mixed reviews regarding management, but as glasslady would say we are here to discuss the glass.

Anonymous said...


A big Thank You to the Huntington Herald for supporting local family owned business and the Shop In USA and your community movement.

Not such a big kudo to the shops that insist on shooting themselves.

Anonymous said...

HA HA Hilary go to the website
Katie has better things to do.

alex said...

Well. We'll see if this statement is true one year from today?
How busy will she be?

alex said...

Apologize for slingling muck.

Sweetdoc, I agree with your plan.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Blenko was entertaining major investors, lots of interest. The men should be working 80 hours a week in a few months.
This was a partial quote from VP.
Major interested investors seeking out Blenko.
Great News.
I'll try to find the newspaper article and link it.
Suzie Grow

Anonymous said...
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penny said...

I ask Hilery this question last year, she isn't on Facebook.

penny said...

Just wondering
Why wouldn't the warehouse sale be on Sundays?
Many people work and the only time they can shop is on Sunday.
Blenko is no longer in big corner block stores
other than little boutiques the factory is the only place to buy Blenko.
Wake Up! You are a store
having customer friendly - even after 5pm hours make sense.
Why do you close so early and open so early?
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

feb 13 1:30 comment
Is this a tongue in cheek comment?

Tish B.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last comment.
In the old days the VC shop hours were appropriate.
Now they are not.
Why not open in evenings and weekends when working people can make the trip to Blenko?

CPK.collectoroffineart said...

2 weeks has passed why would not a rep from Blenko read this and forward the appropriate info and photos?
Strange Managerial tactics.

Anonymous said...

CPK most all people who collect agree with your statement, there is no recourse.