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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts - Unique handcrafted. Blenko Glass

Each year - from Feb 1st until the 17th  most everyone is thinking of 'Heart Day'.  Its a big deal, for the attached and the unattached.
Flowers and Candy!   This year let's vow to stay away from 'candy and flowers'. . . .no one needs the additional calories from sugar or  red roses from Mexico.  
Look for a handcrafted item - a Made IN USA item.   Diane Weber hand crafted cards are a unique V-day gift.  I often frame Weber cards.   If Blenko or factory glass isn't your thing - consider Ron Hinkle Glass or one of the many WV Glass makers who sell their wares at Tamarack.
http://www.tamarackwv.com . 

So many questions?  Who to give a gift.   What gift to give?   One doesn't want to give a gift that's more sentimental than one receives.   There are Rule Books for gift giving.

Ruby Red 4 spout Blenko Water Bottle ( fill with flowers?)

Diane Weber Handcrafted Cards - Etsy and sometimes at Blenko Glass

Crystal Heart - Blenko Glass paper weight (less than $10).

Water Bottle Blenko with Handle - Ruby (vintage glass).  www.theblenkoproject.com  for additional photos of vintage Blenko Glass 

Ron Hinkle Glass -  Hinkle and Homburg - Ron Hinkle is  WVa's most well known independent glass maker
    I grew up in a small family - we celebrate all holidays - our own - and any other cultures that suits our fancy - on V Day   we give gifts to those we care about - usually hand crafted cards; or a meal ( on a week day),  Flowers in the Blenko Vase for the parents and Uncles .   Yes.   I know I said No Candy and Flowers - but if you are doing flowers - ask for a Blenko Glass Vase. { Or better yet,  bring your own}.    A Blenko Vase can be re used.. . refill the vase every V-Day,  or on Saturdays ( with super market flowers  - Think under $5 flowers).    The gift of good quality glass is timeless.
      In West Virginia we are blessed with many small glass makers, and of course Blenko Glass and also Fiesta Glass.   Purchasing a handcrafted tableware item is as simple as placing a call or driving to the factory.    With the popularity of on line shopping -  now everyone can enjoy BLENKO GLASS  www.blenkoglass.comwithout leaving their homes.   One reader from Louisville, Ky recently wrote she shops the gift shop by phone.  She's call and ask if they are busy and if NOT - she ask whats on the clearance tables etc.  - gives them her credit card.   The gift shop prices are 50% less than online store ( note: gift shop is made of of 75% 2nds - the 1st quality items are priced similar to catalog).  I'm not suggesting you try this - - but, I was impressed with her ability to save a drive to Blenko and to save on the glassware. 
     "Time is the most Important Gift"   we can offer or receive.  


Anonymous said...

Hilary You are so very right.
Time is the best gift.
I'd rather have my gkids and my sons spend time with me, watching movies or doing a puzzle than to receive a 1K gift.
Thank you
I shall forward this to my family.
Margie Hale
Ps I don't see Roxie commenting is she OK, how are her gkids?

Anonymous said...

Cost of the 4 spout ruby water bottle?
Cost of the strange ones with the handle?
Thank you
Are these difficult to find?

Anonymous said...

I sold Rochelle ( roxie) glass in December. At this time she was good.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Today I read on the Blenko Glass Facebook
there is a new blog they are sponsoring called
Water bottles 365?
Do you know who writes this?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link,

Anonymous said...

Why is Blenko Glass Facebook promoting another blog or if they are why not this one and others?
Blenko should be providing photos to this blog as well and the Carolina blog - don't ya think?
Its been what 6 years?

lorin said...

Thank you V. for the mention. Blenko has no connection to the "A Year of Blenko Water Bottles" blog, beyond making the water bottles. The blog has actually been running for over a year at this point with over 400 individual posts. I have enough water bottle photos to keep the blog going until early May at this point. Submissions are welcomed. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Cost of 4 spout is between $45 and $80 ( color and where you buy are the variable).
The older ones with handle go for $125 to $250 again
color and where you purchase are essential to price.
Difficult to find? Yes. Impossible No.

Anonymous said...

I've had luck with phoning the gift shop in Milton to ask if they have any odd water bottles.
Don't rule out the factory as a source for the unique.

Anonymous said...

We also visit the 365 days of Blenko
and Blenko Facebook
and Blenko archive.
All great works of love to blenko.
Thanks to you all
and to you V for making this site better than average.
Rita Miller

Anonymous said...

Hinkle Fans and there are many of us.
Vision Day Spa on Capitol Street in Charleston, WVa
now has a large selection of Hinkle Glass.

Anonymous said...
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elaine spiva said...

I have a two sided ruby Blenko handmade glass water pitch/vase with the sticker if anyone is interested in buying it.
Elaine :-)