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Friday, March 15, 2013

Can we help this reader ID her blenko vase?

Hello Hillary,

I have attached two pictures one is of the vase itself and the other of the signature on the bottom where it appears the Blenko date stamp was removed. 
I have been told that this piece was a special piece done by Richard Blenko for PBS at the time and he signed it himself.
All I know is that the signatures I have seen do not look like the one on this vase and I just need to verify if my lovely vase
is a) Blenko glass and b) signed by Richard Blenko in 2001 in Detroit.

Thank you for your time and quick response,
Jeanne Keen


Anonymous said...

Rick Blenko's signature is usually large and not pretty.
It changed frequently.
I would think having a 100% confirmation would be difficult.
Texas collectors may have more experience as he spent a good deal of time in Texas and signed more glass in Texas than anywhere else.
I've been told he spent days w/ assistants signing glass at the factory for QVC and other large orders so perhaps fatigue is part to blame.
This looks much like the signature I have on a vase I ordered for the WV Cultural Center as part of the Glass Series. Hope this helps.
Darlene Trout
Martinsburg, WVa.

Anonymous said...

I also own this, signature looks much the same.
Alice Savage
Pikeville, Ky

wsucram15 said...

Thanks to all of you..I appreciate your responses. I love the vase regardless, it has good color contrast, and I can see it is a well made piece of glass.
My other concern aside from the signature is the scratched out Blenko
2001..any ideas on that?
In any event thank you all..I love Blenko Glass..

jeanne keen said...
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jeanne keen said...
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Anonymous said...

This is blenko I also own this one.
Anna Summers

jeanne keen said...

Thank you Anna..