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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glass ID

Readers :  Can we help T with the proper ID of this oil lamp?

Hello Hillary, I need help with identification of a glass oil lamp.  The lamp pictured was found by a friend at a Charleston area estate sale.  It is marked Blenko on the base.I have my doubts but I thought some of the Blenko Project faithful could help me with this. 
 Thanks T


Anonymous said...

How about you show people the marking on the bottom. This blog really doesn't help people with lots of anything. Just be a little better about helping us in order to help you help your other readers

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are a better helper?
Hilery why do you allow negative comments?

I also would like to see the bottom but I was told by Boyd during noon that Blenko did make oil lamps in the mid 60s saw him yesterday and he said he was fairly certain.
Paul S.

Anonymous said...

Is bottom etched blenko?

Anonymous said...

This blog really doesn't help people with lots of anything. Just be a little better about helping us in order to help you help your other readers

Laughing my ass off at this bitter comment. Thank you glassdoc for the blog, thank you to readers who help new and older collectors weekly and thank you for your newsletter. All are an important part of my glass life.

Marylin Bush

Anonymous said...


The glass pictures sent for IDing are sent by readers. We cannot choose or control what our readers send us. We just try to help in whatever way possible. If you think this blog is not up to your standards, you are free to not visit. You are neither paying for this nor contributing in any way. Please find another place to bicker.


Anonymous said...

Hello Marlyn,

When hillary is busy, I moderate the blog along with maintaining the website. About allowing negative comments, I think people are free to speak what they want. However, they must be prepared to bear the consequences of their words.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the catalogs on the Project's site and did not see oil lamps. I would also like to see the bottom of the base. Is there a pontil? Is the mark etched or is it a paper label? Are both base and globe crackled? I do know that Kanawha made oil lamps and had a similar color.
V I do wish that those who just want to write negative comments would go away.

Maryland Reader

Anonymous said...

Complain complain complain. Lots of people complaining....gosh can't anyone just talk about Blenko

Anonymous said...

V thank you.
I don't respond often I do read daily.
We now have 50 pieces of nice Blenko
thanks to the photos from Bruce S.
We appreciate your work V.
Patty Morgan

Anonymous said...

I think the pictures of the Blenko on this site are fake fake fake

Anonymous said...

Note to owner. Blenko has made many items that are not in the catalogs.
This lamp is most likely a marriage of blenko & viking.
Alice H.

Anonymous said...