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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blenko Glass - Festival of Glass Aug 2-3

Each year in August - Blenko Glass ( Milton, WV) host the Festival of Glass. 
2013  -  August 2-3.
You'll want to check the Blenko Glass website www.blenkoglass.com  for updates and schedule with cost.
This is a family weekend event.  Bring the children,  your neighbors, invite everyone you know.  Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure.  
Enjoy a picnic by the Blenko Lake,  or just a leisurely walk around the town of Milton.  You will want to return.  hjh 

Class Descriptions

  • Glass Blowing Workshop: Ages 15-up. $350.00/person. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at glass blowing? Each person will participate in every step necessary to create a piece of handmade glass. You will work on at least 4-5 pieces and the end results are all yours to keep.
  • Paperweight: Ages 12-up. $40.00/person. Each participant will choose from selected colored glass frit and assist in making your own unique paperweight.
  • Mosaic Nightlight: Ages 8-up. $25.00/person. Create your own mosaic nightlight using colorful pieces of Blenko sheet glass and frit.
  • Large Dalle Chipping: Ages 14-up. $125.00/person. Turn your vision into a work of art by chipping away at slabs of glass. This class offers you the opportunity to learn the techniques involved in creating a faceted glass 18" x 18" panel.
  • Small Dalle Mosaic: Ages 5-up. $45.00/person. Parental Supervision required under age 10. Use your imagination to create an 8" x 8" glass panel using various shapes of pre-cut Blenko glass. Ages 14-up may learn the chipping technique to create your own panel.
  • Garden Stone Mosaic: Ages 3-up. $20.00/person. Parental supervision requested under age 10. A great class for kids. Create your own custom garden stone using various Blenko glass pieces and other unique decorations.
  • Blown Ornament: Ages 12-up. $35.00/person. Each Participant will choose from selected frit colors and with the assistance of Blenko Artisans create their own one of a kind round ornament.
  • Stained Glass Panel: Ages 12-up. $85.00/person. You will learn the steps required to make a stained glass panel and will then create your own 13" x 13" panel.
  • Blown Glass Vase/Candy Dish: Ages 14-up. $65.00/person. In this class each participant will get to roll their piece of glass in selected frit to pick up the desired colors. Then they will get to heat the piece up to melt the frit and blow their piece of glass into a wooden form so that it can be made into a vase or bowl with the finisher.
  • Make a Water Bottle: Ages 12-up. $65.00/person. Here is your chance to blow and finish your own Original Water Bottle with the assistance of Blenko artisans. 
  • NEW Make a MINI Water Bottle: Ages 12-up. $65.00/person. Here is your chance to blow and finish 2 of your own Mini Water Bottles with the assistance of Blenko artisans. 
  • Cast Animal Paperweight: Ages 8-up. $30.00/person. Each participant will get to pick their molds, cut the glass and press it into the molds and flip the molds onto the carry-in board. Each participant will get to take home 3 of their creations.
  • NEW Stacked Dichroic Glass Jewelry: Ages 8-up. $35.00-45.00/person. Participants will create a multilayer dichroic design which will then be fired at 1400*F.  Once cooled, a bail will be applied to the pendant for participants to take with them that day. For a Sterling Silver Pendant class will be $45.00/person.
  • NEW Acid Etch Dichroic Glass Jewelry: Ages 16-up. $35.00/person. Participants will learn the technique to acid etch dichroic glass to create a pendant with amazing details. Once the piece is etched, it will then be fired at 1400*F and a bail mounted so that the participants may take their finished pendant home with them that day.  Stencils will be of a variety and will be the choice of what is available at class time.
  • NEW Glass Chime: Ages 10-up. $45.00/person. Choose and assemble a beautiful glass wind chime that will sparkle in the sun and bring music to your life.
  • NEW Glass Painting: Ages 3-up. $10.00-$20.00/person. Parental supervision requested under age 10. Choose between a small cast animal or blank ($10.00) or large cast animal or blank ($20.00) and use your creative talents to decorate your piece of glass with endless colors and designs.


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