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Monday, July 22, 2013

How a Used Bottle Becomes a New Bottle

How a Used Bottle Becomes a New Bottle,
This is from our glass friend Tony Patti  gaffer@glassblower.info.  
We hope you find this as interesting as we did HJH

I thought this was a very interesting web page, about what happens with curbside glass recycling in New Jersey.
(this web page has multiple animated GIF’s)

And the video is even more fun to watch!

From this (image 3 of 6 on the web page, showing the glass moving into a Redwave Optical Sorter):

To this (the bottles still glowing orange-hot while the necks are being setup):

This web page and especially the animated GIF reminded me of the Glass Art Society (GAS) trip to Osram Sylvania Glass Technologies in Wellsboro PA.
They make glass envelopes for light bulbs, using similar machine line, really interesting to watch in person, especially with a strobe light to "freeze" the action.

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