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Friday, July 12, 2013

Estate Sale - Charleston

Blue Creek, WV
JULY 13 – 14, 2013
5148 Elk River Road -Blue Creek (between Elkview and Clendenin on US 119), WVCLICK HERE FOR MAP

20,000 Square Foot Warehouse – Formerly “Helen’s House of Antiques”
The largest estate sale in West Virginia this Summer! Over 2200 people visited this sale during its first weekend and took home thousands of treasures!
The sale continues for its second weekend with the remainder of items from the estate added to the sale. Due to space restrictions (in a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse!) and the vast amount of items to be sold many items were not out and available for purchase during the first weekend of the sale!
- Click Here to read the news story in The Charleston Gazette about this sale -
The Estate of Helen Gandee, the proprietor of “Helen’s House of Antiques” in Blue Creek, WV (Between Elkview and Clendenin on US 119). This sale will take place in the warehouse Mrs. Gandee used to house her vast collection of antiques, collectibles, art and much more.
The sale continues for a second weekend on the following schedule:
Saturday – July 13th – 10am to 4pm
Sunday – July 14th – Noon to 5pm
Watch the WEEK 2 Preview Video here!
This notice from Purple Moon Estate sales -  We've been told the estate includes glass.


Anonymous said...

Ask Purple Moon to give you photos of the glass
I drove 3 hours and no glass.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how Shorty 's health is?
I saw where his special friend died in November, I sent a card to him but got no response.
Figured you would know.
Alice H.

penny said...

Alice H
I tried c alling everyone I know in WVa today to ask about Mr Finley - left messages, will return to post any results.

Anyone do this estate sale? For me its a long drive but if there is Blenko I'll come.

Hillary J Homburg said...

We saw Shorty Finley this weekend.
He is in good health for an 80+ gentleman.
He will attend the Festival of Glass for an hour or so on Saturday - not to make glass, but as a visitor.