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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

BLENKO GLASS COMPANY - WV Birthday Celebration - You are Welcome to Join In

We've been doing the Blenko Project and this blog for nearly ten  years.
We are grateful to many collectors for their help in the development and of the Blenko Project and assisting with this blog.

I am especially grateful to Dr Vivek Yadav ( Penn State University) and Bruce Specht of Texas for their daily contributions.  Bruce and his family own one of the finest Blenko Collections.  He frequently shares photos and his extensive knowledge of Blenko with blog readers.
Dr Yadav is a PHD engineer, a researcher, and recently added glass blower to his list of skills.  . 

Our sole goal is to promote West Virginia Glass most especially BLENKO GLASS.   I've been a big fan of Blenko for more than 20 years.
Most everyone who visit the Blenko Glass Factory - visits with the talented craftsmen become a fan.  We do not buy or sell glass.   We have real jobs not pertaining to glass or selling glass.  We do assist Blenko Collectors with rehoming their glass or finding a particular Blenko item.  We are not employed by Blenko and receive no compensation of any type for Blenko Project or this blog.

Blenko Glass Company  is unique, its small, its friendly, its responsive.

I have yet to ask a craftsperson or an office person for assistance without getting a response.

Blenko Glass and Blenko Collectors are approachable and friendly if you don't collect, or have been fearful to call yourself a collector.
Consider joining Blenko for the WV Birthday Celebration.  If you don't feel like standing in line - - do what my Mom does ( she's over 65) go for the Friday Night Vase - its less expensive and you walk in and pick it 
up ...continue to shop while you are there.  Often time Mr Walter or Mr. Bill or Mr Andy Blenko will be there on Friday and Saturday to sign your glass.
I know the experts say signed glass isn't more value ............BUT....I'd rather have my glass signed. " It helps with the 'estate sale' later in life  "is a quote from Blenko Collector from Conn  Margie.

Every year the WV Birthday Vase is special and we all stand in long lines to purchase ....however since Arlon Bayliss began designing this vase.  It is UNIQUE and their is a story accompanying the vase.  Arlon Bayliss understands how important this item is to the Blenko Collector.
Acquiring the whole collection shouldn't be goal....its nearly impossible at this point.  We are now counting ten whole collections.
But  a goal could be owning all the vases designed by Bayliss - start now and add to your personal collection yearly.


annu said...

We have enjoyed photos from Bruce and vivek.

maggie said...

Hillary line is up too 30 people now.
Really handsome tall blonde guy well introduce you.
Great time. Like meeting family.

Anonymous said...

Do you collect wv birthday?
I am only buying what Bruce collects.
Alice H.