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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Does Blenko Engrave Glass and do Custom Casting?

Does Blenko do engraving?  Or custom casting?  
My only child is being married 2/17.   Its a large Persian wedding.
We did follow your blog for long time.  Her colors are purple and gold.
Blenko has many purple and gold items.
Will they engrave mini water bottles (100) for wedding favors?
and can we have custom casting for tables?
S. Makos

Mrs Makos,
   The blog comment doesn't allow me access to your email - so I'll respond here.
You should phone Blenko Glass and speak with Mr. Dean Six.
   I'm certain Blenko can provide you with as many mini water bottles in the appropriate color you choose.  Blenko doesn't etch but can send the items out to be etched - there is a cost for this.
   Re: custom casting.  I have no experience with custom casting.    I'm attaching a quote from the Blenko website. 
It's my belief if you speak with someone at Blenko Glass (www.blenkoglass.com)  they'll provide assistance with your desire to use Blenko Glass in your daughters wedding.
  Etching and custom casting take time - I would suggest you contact Blenko this week.  HJH
Custom Casting
Custom casting allows us to create mold dimensions based on our customer’s specifications
within our ability. Due to the
learning curve on any new project there are additional charges
for the custom casting. Call for price quotes. Most molds our fabricated here at the factory
for an additional fee. We have a selection of molds to choose from
in stock

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