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Sunday, October 21, 2007

BLENKO - In the BLENKO of an Eye!

Ms. B aka BLENKO turns 4 on Oct 27th. She's lived with me for 3 years. Ms. B is a rescue dog - a recycled dog. One that was without a home - a throw away dog. There are thousands of rescue dogs here in West Virginia. Photo of Ms. B taken last summer - one of her favorite!
Ms. B and Mordi (age 10) also a Bichon Rescue Dog
Ms. B - is a 'Bichon' - Her formal name is BLENKO. Many of you have written to ask

what kind of dog she is, and where to buy BICHONS. Ms. B is a RESCUE DOG. My parents are member of the Western Pa. Bichon Frise Club, Pittsburgh Pa. The Bichon Frise Club of America http://www.bichon.org/. and http://www.smallpawsrescue.org/. are both great sites if you are seeking a Bichon

Do Not buy from a pet store - and if you already own a Bichon or are asking How you can help with rescue the following info is provided.

How Can I Help?

" If you do not have the time and ability to provide a permanent home for a Bichon rescue, there are numerous other ways to help the Bichon Rescue Effort:Monetary Donations: The Bichon Frise Rescue Effort is an all-volunteer program, so financial support is imperative. Some of the costs incurred in the rescue effort are:
initial veterinary care expenses (including medication expenses),
grooming costs,
spay/neuter expenses,
boarding and food expenses,
on-going veterinary expenses,
expense for crates, collars, leads, and food/water bowls,
transportation costs,
and many more.
While donations are received from new owners adopting rescued Bichons, these do not cover all the costs of the effort. For example, the specific costs associated with a particular dog may exceed the donation received and funds are expended on dogs that may not be ultimately placeable.If you want to make a donation, please use any of the "happy tale" PayPal buttons on this site, or make a check payable to: Bichon Frise Club of America Rescue (or BFCA Rescue)Send to:Gail Antetomaso1 Dolphin DrMassapequa, NY 11759-7916. Note: Lynn Ramich was recently appointed - she is from Pittsburgh Pa..Trustlynnramich@comcast.netwww.bichonrescue.org . Small Paws Rescue http://www.smallpawsrescue.org/ knows as Small Paws® Rescue Inc., is a 501-C3 Tax exempt, charitable ORGANIZATION! All donations to both groups are tax deductible!!
Remember, every little bit helps! Foster Home: Although you may not be able to provide a permanent home for a rescued Bichon, maybe you could provide a foster home. After a dog is rescued and determined place able, then during the time the Rescue Representative is waiting on a prospective owner and screening, the dog may need a foster home. This could be a matter of days, weeks or months. It is hoped that you would be able to provide food and care for the dog including grooming. In some instances, if there were limited rescue funds, it is hoped that you might be able to provide some veterinary care, if required and if possible.Donations of Equipment:Crates, Crate Pads, Collars, Leads, Food and Water Bowls. These are some of the items that are needed in the rescue effort. You could donate new or used (in reasonably good condition) items and bring or send them to a regional Rescue Representative.Donations of Time or Talent: Rescue Representatives can always use an extra pair of hands. You could assist a Representative by helping to pick-up and transport a dog that is being rescued or help wash and groom (some times this may mean "shave") a rescue. Maybe you could transport a dog to and from a veterinarian, or pick up a dog from the airport
If you have any training experience, you could help train a rescue before it is placed.Educate Yourself And Others: Learn as much as you can about the Bichon Frise and tell others about the characteristics of the breed and how to properly obtain one. Inform others that while the Bichon is a wonderful dog, it is not a breed for everyone. The Bichon requires an owner to be committed to providing more time and financial resources than many other breeds.
Inform others of the time and expense associated with grooming.
Inform them of the personal attention that this companion breed demands.
Inform others that they should be prepared to take more time and work harder in housebreaking.
Note: Bichons are so giving and loving, if they are more 'high maintenance they are worth it' . . . these fluffs are the most wonderful animals!

Insist to those, who may not be interested in rescue, that they wait (however long it may take) to obtain a dog from a responsible breeder who is concerned about the health of Bichons being bred, the resulting puppies, and how and to whom the puppies/adults are being placed.
Insist that they do as much research and perform as many "checks" as they can about a breeder from which they may be contemplating obtaining a puppy.

Tell them to inquire about the types of health/ genetic tests (i.e., concerning the eyes, patellas, and hips, etc.) that are being performed on the sire and dam before breeding. Also, if these tests are being performed, tell them a breeder should be able to produce documentation supporting such.
Tell them to ask about information in order to contact others who have previously obtained Bichons from the breeder.
Insist that one should not ever purchase a puppy from a pet store, uninformed backyard breeder, broker or puppy mill. Inform others that a broker may even have an adult male and/or female on the premises which is just a "front" for selling the puppies that the broker has bought elsewhere.
Tell others to never, never, never, get in a hurry to obtain a Bichon (or any dog for that matter).
OF course if you think that someone may be a SPECIAL person who can provide some extra love and in some instances extra care, suggest that they might consider making a home for a rescue. There are Bichons out there waiting for LOVE!


andreendo said...

Question for you - does the
lovely women and red convertible
come with the rescue dog
if so I'll take two.
One for my friend and one for me.
Ms. B is beautiful, most beautiful things are high in maintenance I am also high maintenance.
Your range of passions - dog, glass, cars, is interesting - I want to know more. Keep writing.

Bob said...

How is your grandfather? Read your post under Life after the car show where he is dying.
Keep up posted, we care about you
and your life.

Hillary J Homburg said...

You are so kind to inquire- he hasn't changed. With the meds, he reports little pain - but he's 86+ and was a strong man - who would never speak of pain. Many people have written to ask about him, so I will do updates, sadly, there is little to report. Hjh
+ note: he's had an 80th birthday party 7 times...

sweetdoc said...

I'm a MD in Ashland, Ky
I'll let you guess the
speciality. Love your
column and the variety of
subjects. Where do you
find the time for this? My
own daughter constantly complains
she has no time even to
visit her parents.

sweetdoc said...

This cut me off
can you provide a local
contact for the Bichon
Rescue if there is one?

jedijawa said...

Recycled dog! You're hilarious!

Hillary J Homburg said...

hey this is AMERICA...we recycle...husbands...wives...children...tires...lol...seriously ....rescue dogs are the BEST!