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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Phipps Conservatory - Chihuly Exhibit

Chihuly at the Phipps: Gardens & Glass is a keystone event during Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass! a collaboration of over 70 cultural and community organizations. This year long celebration was created to honor the significant role that glass and glass art play in the vibrancy of the Pittsburgh region. It's been a wonderful year long event...visit http://www.pittsburghcelebrates.org/.
We took many photos - I'll continue to post each day this week. Plan to visit - the event ends the in early November. Don't miss out on this. Take the children, your parents, your camera....do price line.com (really inexpensive hotels - we always stay at Wyndham - dog friendly and under $90)...make it a weeekend visit. Pittsburgh is a lovely city. Personally I could spend 2 days at the Phipps.

To answer Margie's question about how did Pittsburgh get such a magnificent conservatory, and more photos!

The former Pittsburgh Garden Center took on a greater profile when it merged with the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in January 2001. However, the institution's legacy dates back to 1935 when it began in a former shelter house in Schenley Park, across from the Conservatory. Its mission expresses a desire ''to work with people throughout the region to build gardening and horticulture skills and to increase environmental awareness and appreciation of the aesthetics of landscape and floral design.'' To that end, numerous classes are offered on topics such as botany and gardening, as well as certification in floral design. Since 1947, the Garden Center has resided in the former carriage house of the late R.B. Mellon, located adjacent to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts on the expansive greenery of Mellon Park. The site has gone through several remodeling projects and now includes auditoriums, meeting rooms and a greenhouse. Its library contains more than 2,800 books and features a reference section and horticulture journals as well as seed and garden supply catalogs. As for the Gardens themselves, They offer an exciting array of lush tropical plants, palms, orchids, ferns and succulent plants, seasonal flower shows and butterflies.


andreendo said...

Who is Eon? RU close? His ability to catch sullen
facial expressions is professional quality.
Impressive. We will definitely go to
Have you seen, or did you see the BODY
exhibit - its here in NYC but I saw that it was
also at Carnegie in Pittsburgh

Hillary J Homburg said...

E. is attentive, generous, flippant, & accomplish the characteristics
approved and recommended by My Mom and My Shrink
I have no other comments at this time.
Have NOT seen the Body exhibit - would very much like to.

andreendo said...

Ever so sly
U failed to answer
my question.
Being recommended or approved
by 'Your Mother & Shrink'
isn't your style - what gives?
can I have an email address?

andreendo said...

or phone number?

Hillary J Homburg said...

theblenkoproject@aol.com but I warn you I check email less than once every 12 days.
Do visit Phipps before this closes
and drive on down to BLENKO GLASS
for the remainder of the day -
the Visitor Center and Glass Garden will delight you.

Anonymous said...

You didn't ask
but I am sharing my
life experience re: this subject.
Don't listen !to your Mother or Shrink - if you have either - you are so witty!
You need an older - say almost 40, established so he can give you the time and other things in life you deserve. He should be not flippant but a serious gentleman who also has wit - one must is value system. You pursue work and your interest 100% - your partner should also, be a devoted man.
Do not settle for 'glam or
glitter' and for God sake do not listen to that shrink or your Mother. I love your column, love your Blenko talks, love your reluctant to accept well deserved praise. I find myself buying Blenko for my staff and friends often and shopping at Tamarack for WV made items! Your crusade is working.
ps what is this talk of moving to Texas?

susan said...

More Chihuly photos if you

Anonymous said...

I am total confused.
what is all this talk about?
Spoke with with my mom
who is gonna be coming to
morgantown to be ur patient.
She says ur great and very happy.
Paul Jordan

Hillary J Homburg said...

I have no plans for marriage
or serious relationships in the
next 16 -60 months. However, your comments are excellent.
Thank you.

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That looks beautiful. It looks like a bulb of a big plant. That would definitely fit with any conservatory or garden.