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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Step #1 Get off the Couch!

Last night I saw a special on TV that said the time between Dec 20th and Feb 14th was one in which people felt most alone. No concrete reason for this was given.

My thoughts were we could correct this by becoming involved in our community! Join a CLUB. A gym, an activity that might be of interest to you or a family member, volunteer!

Say hello to the person living next door! Greet the Kroger check out person, become active in developing a social network, look outside yourself. Care about others. These are real simple solutions that may just work, researchers suggest these simple steps have been successful steps for people feeling lonely and isolated.
Joining a CLUB, Volunteering, are great ways to instantly increase the number of people in your circle. Several Clubs* I can recommend, are:

Blenko Collectors Society this is a group of men and women who get together annual in Milton, the dues are $50, an award winning colorful newsletter comes four times a year. They don't ask anything of you - and will answer most all of your glass questions. Its a great deal for $50. http://www.blenkocollectorssociety.com/ .

West Virginia Museum of Glass http://wvmag.bglances.com/. This museum is located in Weston, W. Va. and if you have the time to volunteer they welcome volunteers, the museum is a place you can spends days, researching or just 'looking' they publish books, pamphlets and a newsletter - they are associated with a group that meets one night a week to study WVa Glass. Check out the website.

Huntington Museum of Art http://www.hmoa.org/ . This of course is here in Huntington. As a child, my Mom would take my friends and I to see exhibits and for special events on Saturdays. The gift shop was always one of my favorite places to spend money. The website has information about special and on going events, ways to volunteer. Check out the website.

West Virginia Culture Center http://www.wvculture.org/agency/cultcenter.html. In Charleston, The West Virginia Museum of History and Culture at the State Capitol Complex should be a must see. This is a great place to volunteer. The exhibits change often.

Blenko Project. http://www.blenkoproject.org/. This is a group always in need of volunteers to assist with upkeep of the Blenko garden and lake area. The goal is to promote BLENKO GLASS and the West Virginia craftsmen who make BLENKO and other glass. Interested, click on and link and send an email with your name and address.

If Glass isn't your thing - go to the gym, or to a coffee shop, get out of the house just for today! Don't forget to take the laptop - must read the blog!


ravi said...

I am tending to agree on that research and that's quite a good advise hillary, just went to starbucks to get my coffee and thought of working on my computer but too bad unless you subscribe they dont have wireless connection there...nevertheless came back home sipping my coffee and typing this message....well an hour of distraction is better than sitting on couch.

Anonymous said...

Always a link back to Glass. Your solution to life.
Hilary you are so funny and cute
and those dogs, one too big, one too little, misfit Bichons.
The sofa is nice - is this french? Too nice for a college student living on a budget. You should return the couch before your AMX Card is larger than national debt.

Anonymous said...

lewisdvdphd has left a new comment on your post "Beat the WINTER BLUES":

Where do you find the time for this?
I am a spiritual man my theory about depression is its man made or media produced - we see daily that we should feel loved and give gifts - receive gifts - most especially from dec until heart day in feb.
If we have no one that meets the definition of special we are in our minds failures. So instead of learning to be alone, we either feel depressed or find a subsitute person or substance - both bad- both leading to more negative thinking.
Collecting Glass will not solve this problem.
Perhaps activity, being with friends, having animals, are all good and do help the answer is within us.
Seek within first.

Publish this comment.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Thanks for commenting - Our Starbucks doesn't charge for the internet...perhaps we can start a protest!
You are so kind to worry about my credit card debt, the bad conformation of my pets. Somedays you make me smile.
Some people need people and human contact more than others, I don't think its a genetic flaw - just personality differences - research indicates creative people need human contact more than the analytically inclined.
Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

HILLARY KNOWS HOW TO BET THE WINTER BLUES. I missed a trip to Morgantown where I was going to get to try Sushi.