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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kovel's Report Collectible Market Up!

RACHEL RAY 10 am TODAY featuring BLENKO GLASS ! Make certain you watch! Support BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ THINK WEST VIRGINIA Made when you buy gifts - if NOT Blenko then buy some other craft or collectible made in WV or USA.
Kovels Komments [February 6, 2008]: Antiques and Collectibles Market Sales Up GOOD NEWS AT LAST
Several signs show the international antiques and collectibles market is getting better in spite of the gloomy reports on the general economy. Much of the collectibles market--the sales online, at flea markets or house sales--are part of the "hidden economy" that is not reported in official figures. Sotheby's and Christie's expect 20 percent more in sales this year than 2007 during their major February auctions in London. That would represent an 80 percent increase over 2006. TIAS online shops say their business was up 19 percent in volume over December 2006. Live auctions, those where you sit in the audience and bid like the good old days, are getting bidders who want to buy bargains to collect or resell online. Old-time auctioneers are learning to have online bidding available and Internet buyers are learning to buy from traditional auctions, especially small regional firms. Sales have gone up for on-land sellers. The big shows this winter are reporting increased attendance. Usually secretive dealers tell us it has been a season with more business. The best, the biggest, and the most unusual sell the quickest. We have talked to small-shop dealers who also have had great sales since October. Let's hope it keeps up.
My own three favorite places: Trophy Hair, Blue Moon, Mountaineer Auction in Charleston report no decline and they often have wonderful WV glass. In the Huntington area Bus Barn Antiques Mall(Antiques, Collectibles Sports Memorabilia, WV Glass)402 18th Street West, Huntington304-429-3485Central City Market(Farmers Market, Amish Market)555 14th St. West, Huntington304-525-1500http://www.centralcitymarket.com/Adam's Avenue Antique Mall(Antique Mall)1460 Adams Ave.304-523-7231Memories of the Heart Antiques(Antiques, Vintage, Jewelry, Folk Art by Vonnie)617 14th St. West304-697-5301Old Central Auction(Auctions, Antiques)1404 Adams Ave., Huntington304-544-4880Antique Center, Inc.Brass Masters Metal Polishing(Antiques, Quality Restoration)610 14th St. West304-523-7887 lditty@blackcatantiques.comhttp://www.blackcatantiques.com/Grandmother’s Attic(Antiques)444 W. 14th St., Huntington304-525-4880, Open DailyLaredo Steaks & Seafood(Restaurant)2134 5th St.304-697-4810Hattie & Nan’s(Antiques)521 W. 14th St., Huntington304-523-8844, Open Daily . KEEP SHOPPING!


bridgett said...

why limit your contacts to WV stores
not all readers live in WV.

Watched Rachel Ray
Blenko looked great!

GlassVA said...

New to your blog.
Saw the Rachel Ray show this day.
Blue Blenko.
Nothing nicer than vintage Blenko.
Kovel's new book has a chapter on Blenko written by D. Crain of Blenko Museum if you don't own might want to purchase.

roundhead2 said...

I missed Rachel, Feel asleep and when I looked for the time on, it show 9am channel 13 in Charleston. Wrong, who wants to watch Dr. Phil, the man reminds me of someone who is a control freak. One of those think he's God figure's. Maybe someone who does not live in WV should check out where you can buy Blenko glass in your town and let us know. Also hope to get to see clips from Rachel's show. I figure more talk show host will be getting in on that action and show us some more Blenko. Maybe !
Ellen will have a contest to see who owns the most Blenko. That would be interesting to know. What about that football player Moss does he have Blenko?

Dr.BOB said...

Take this down immediately it could lead to overshopping and over spending and over rationalizing the overspending!
Please remove this.
Dangerous article.

Dr.BOB said...

Is that Jessy Capenter? at the wheel blowing glass?
The Blenko employee?

Dr.BOB said...

I am getting good at these photos
ms. humberg.

sweetdoc said...

Read somewhere prices are down.
They are not down at my neighborhood 'fleamarkets'
Blenko is very pricey in the aftermarket.
We just make the drive to Milton every other week and buy at the factory.
I recommend that Visitor Center Factory store.