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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Richard Blenko Signing SATURDAY - Blenko Glass, Milton

Looking for a very special Valentine's Day Gift ? Blenko Glass is having a SPECIAL SALE from 9 - 14th PINK ICE a very limited edition color and RUBY
the highly sought after BLENKO RED will be available in some unique items.

RICHARD BLENKO WILL BE SIGNING on Feb. 9th check out the BLENKO GLASS Website for times or phone 304 743 9081 for more information. He usually arrives at 10 am and signs until after noon. http://www.blenkoglass.com/ also has a coupon, this is a must check website before each visit...almost always has a coupon!

Remember your BLENKO GLASS value increases greatly in the after market if / when it contains a signature. The signature always makes any gift very special.


Dr.BOB said...

This came up before, but I don't think you answered.
Are you related to Richard Blenko?
I am asking only as their are similarities in the appearances - facial shapes, smiles etc.

bridgett said...

Did the lady on Rachel Ray mention Richard Blenko is 'hot'
if I lived in West Virginia I would be in that line.

sweetdoc said...

I was there (Blenko) for the Xmas signing. He is very handsome and oh so nice. Everything Glass woman says about blenko is true.
Blenko people are all the nicest people. I just keep buying and reading. Have you been to the Blenko Museum in Seattle? Just read about it on line.

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone that I have meet that has anything to so with Blenko glass is very nice, have not meet Any of the Mr. Blenko's have just been around people who collect and work at Milton, Blenko, See you Tuesday, of course they are saying rain showers. I am so ready for spring, soon we will have the Tulips, Lilly's, Iris's and signs of new growth yet to bloom. AND baby bunnies. Hey do they have pink bunny's like those frogs, I would like to know. I need one!

Heart of Glass said...

Nurse Round 2 (ms. Mounds)
sounds as if a new baby is on the way? Yes Blenko does do bunny rabbits - at easter most every year. Pink? If you phone right now 743 9081 and ask Rodney Wade to make one YOU might get it they aren't doing any other PINK ICE after the 14th so PHONE MONDAY first thing! You'll have a one of a kind BLenko rabbit. Then send photos to the blog.

WV Janis said...

Blenko would be well served to make some "pink ice" baskets. Baskets haven't really been an item Blenko is known for; however, there are a lot of basket collectors out there and Easter is coming up. That old ruffled top that they used to make would look great on a basket and then they could make one of those twisted glass handles (I forget the industry terms) about 6" large.

I have an older, intense hot-pink, glass basket like that. Probably Fenton. Stunning for Easter. Any word on what will be available for Easter? It is right around the corner.

Heart of Glass said...

I will immediately ask Rodney Wade
and Christie at Blenko
and have an answer for you within the week.
Re: Easter and Pink Ice

Anonymous said...


The Blenko Museum in Seattle has been closed for several years, now they are only an online "virtual museum". Aside from some of the larger collections, the closest thing to a museum is above the visitor center.


Heart of Glass said...

Dr. Bob
You think I look like Richard
and someone else said I look like Hillary Clinton -
what can I say - - I have a the face of many famous people (smile).

WV Janis said...

Doesn't the Huntington Museum have a permanent collection of Blenko. Also, the Blenko Visitor's Center has a great little museum. As for west coast, I guess you'll have to rely on seeing new Blenko at the stores that retail it: (http://www.blenkoglass.com/blenkocowebsite/retaillocations.htm)

or start up some meetings of a collector's club or get a university to host a small museum. With all of that fabulous art glass and small glass studio work on the west coast, surely there would be interest in exhibiting, permanently, old Blenko.