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Friday, May 02, 2008

The National Marble Museum moves to WV

Cairo, WV – The National Marble Museum, with an extensive collection of historic and contemporary marbles, will relocate from the West Coast to a new home at the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia in Weston, WV. The announcement was made on May 3, 2008 at the 12th annual Marble Festival in Cairo, WV. The Festival attracts marble collectors for identification and games. In addition, there is a show and sale of antique, collectible and new machine and hand-made marbles.
The National Marble Museum’s collection covers a broad scope including a 1st Century Roman glass marble, German-made marbles from the 1890’s and a 1975 ribbon swirl marble made by California artist Ro Purser who helped to start the whole art glass marble movement. West Virginia marbles are well represented as so many were made in the state which even now is home to marble producers.
For the first time the collection will be consolidated in one location rather than spread among three locations in two states as it is currently. The marbles will join the glass museum which has over 11,000 pieces of American-made glass. There is plenty of room since the museum recently moved into an expanded location in Weston.
Plans call for the MAGWV to continue the National Marble Museum missions of collection, education and preservation as well as promoting marble games and tournaments for children. Most importantly, public access to the collection is assured.
Note: Information from MAGWV


Anonymous said...

Now I know a few people who might like to visit this museum. They go marble hunting the way I go Mushroom hunting and ramp digging. I just work in the yard look down and thre will be a marble, funny the mountains of Cabin Creek are full of marble's, but then again alot of houses that were are not anymore, and the earth does move from the top to the bottom on it's own. When I get old I want a piece of flat land and a fishing hole to catch me a Bass. Have not caught any fish since moving to Kanawha County. Sol your the vet where is a good fishing spot around here close. Have a good weekend and Hillary praying you A's those exams. Luv ya, Roxie

Anonymous said...

Hey, You scooped the newws!
Announcement will be made tomorrow.

Dr.BOB said...

Where is the Marble Factory?
Is it functioning?

Dr.BOB said...

Number of 'fishin holes' in Braxon, Kanawha, Clay county sign on to West Virginia website.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Dr. Bob

The Factory is located in Weston, WV

westvirginiajanis said...

Marble playing used to be such an important pastime in West Virginia, played on school grounds during recess. West Virginia deserves to have this MUSEUM. So many marbles have been made in West Virginia.

If you want to learn more about marbles and the history of marble making, with many photos and much text about WV, Schiffer has a "Dean Six" book for collectors, "American machine-made marbles." ISBN 0-7643-2464-0

Thanks for alerting us to this great news.

WV Janis

Knickles_Down said...

Does anyone know when the museum will open its new doors to visitors and when its move will be complete? Can anyone supply a URL or link for the museum's website?

Knickles_Down said...

Does anyone know when the museum will open its new doors to visitors and when its move will be complete? I'd surelike to hear from you.