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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, May 26, 2008

West Virginia Birthday Piece for 2008 reveiled!

The latest West Virginia Day Piece is inspired by both the calm of evening AND the promise of a new day with its complementary orange/blue color scheme and graceful wings.

The vessel suggests mountains at dawn as sunlight streams joyfully through early morning clouds. Clear blue sky and bright orange sun celebrate the beginning of another fruitful day.

It also implies evening, when dusky hills undulate through shafts of sunlight and ribbons of mist; owls call and rivers trickle through peaceful valleys.

Dreamcicle with Dark Cobalt 12" high, 8 1/2" wide

$145.00 ea. + tax

Available Friday, June 20 at the Blenko Glass Visitor's Center in Milton only

Opens at 8:00am

Limited to 145 numbered pieces

Signed by Designer Arlon Bayliss (BDT Designs) and Richard Blenko

*Photo and information from blenkoglass.com


Dr.BOB said...

You didn't write for a while, does this mean the dog is not OK?
Readers get connected, and feel as if we have right to know, info that we may not have a right to know - your call.
Hope the dog is OK, and that your life in Med School is on trax.

Anonymous said...

Honest answer request.
Do you find this collection to be
beautiful, artistic, and highly collectiable?

Hillary J Homburg said...

Dr. Bob,
Our family friend Dr. Shan
arranged for Ms B to have very high quality care at OSU - Ms B is wearing a fashionable cone- receving eye drops three times a day, required beauty rest and special chicken treats.
Thank you for asking. We apologize for not updating her conditon. Sometimes Dental School becomes a full time job.

Hillary J Homburg said...

My very honest answer is:
The Birthday Collection is highly collectible as it is a 3 decade collection - there were less than #145 made of each item. Making this collection one of the longest running, and most limited glass collections.
RE each item - some I love, some are very delicate, I particularly love the ones with mountains in the bottoms - I like the pieces that hold flowers well - HOWEVER its all subjective my least favorite piece is the huge blue pitcher with gold handle and last evening a 65 year old MD from Maryland was telling me this is his favorite piece, he loves the size, the feel and the ruggedness of the piece. It's art Sol. Thank God - we all - have difference taste, and views.
The 2008 will be sold in a few weeks, as always it'll go quickly - and the value will immediately double.
Great Collection - Great History - WONDERFUL GLass Company

jedijawa said...

Hmmm ... it is pretty ... but I'll be at the annual Public Defender Conference when the piece gets released. Oh well, I don't need to collect one more thing now do I?

Ram said...

Hillary, no doubt the Birthday Piece is really very classic very artistic and color layer is too good and I love your description of the Bday piece just brings it life..

Good to know Ms B is doing well.


Hillary J Homburg said...

Find someone to stand in line; this is a very valuable collection, you have going, don't stop!

Anonymous said...

U are forever promoting WVU and Manchin.
Read the newspaper? What are your thoughts about this degree scandal?

Dr.BOB said...

I forgot to write about the glass.
Beautiful. Worth the 2 hour drive to Charleston. I like the price also, Blenko should be charging a great deal more. People sell these items, after the 20th for $400 and $500 up here.
This collection is new for me, but I now have almost a dozen.
Keep writing and I will keep buying.
Why no link from the Blenko web page?

Hillary J Homburg said...

annonymous H.
I will write only this one time about his - so SPAMMING - will not
add to the response.
WVU - The Manchin Family, Everyone, has been harmed by this - the misunderstandings, the bad press, the not good decisons. BUT our discussing things we know nothing of
will not help. Let's pray for everyone involved - that the resolution will be the best thing for WVU and will bring peace to all involved.
Thank you for writing but please keep comments focused on GLASS.

andreerods said...

Just OK.