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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Readers Questions

Note: Donna B. We phoned Dave and expect to have answers for you and perhaps photos in the next few days.

Glasslady, My Sister sent me this attached story from your area. Can you find out how much these hearts are and what I need to do to get one, and can I get one for my d
Is there a phone number for Osburn Glass?
Anyother information and photos will be much appreciate.

Loved ones lost are never too far away with these handcrafted glass tributes.
Story by Craig McKeeMILTON -- When our loved ones pass on we usually just have photos and home movies to remember them, but now thanks to a glass maker in Milton, West Virginia a person's legacy can live on in glass forever.
Dave Osburn began turning glass over 35 years ago...
"Glass work is a passion you either going to love it or your going to hate it," says Osburn.
For Dave starting up Osburn Modern Glass company was a dream come true and now his wares are sold throughout 44 states and the world if you count internet sales.
And while plates, bowls, and pitchers are his bread and butter there's a new piece of glass work that's becoming the heart of his hobby.
"You take somebody's mother grandmother uncle whatever and you're creating a one of a kind work of art for them and that makes it special for them," says Osburn.
But it's not as much of who the heart is for that's unique....it's what's inside.
"We can take a small amount of ashes is all it takes and put them in," explains Osburn.
Yes you heard him correctly, cremated remains are rolled into the glass during the heart making process.
"Really first reaction you get is whoa wait a minute now," says Osburn.
Each heart is one of a kind and comes complete engraved with the loved ones name and any inscription the family chooses. For Dave, whose spun glass for over three decades, these Forever Hearts are perhaps the most fulfilling work he's ever done.
"Knowing I'm doing a service to somebody that can bring a smile to their face because they'll have something to remember their loved ones forever. A smile is priceless. That's what makes it worthwhile with these things for me," says Osburn. >
The idea comes from Oregon businessman Mike Langley who had trouble finding any of the larger glass companies to create the customized one of a kind pieces. Dave said yes and the orders are streaming in from across the country.


bone said...

I have been to Osburn Glass
go to Blenko glass then don't turn right into blenko but keep on that country road and you shall see an Osburn Glass sign turn right into an alley and there it is on the right. I have the phone number somewhere, will add # later.
Hearts sound weird, do people buy these?

annu said...

One of my attendings kept his mothers ashes in an urn placed on a mantle, customs regarding death are for me fascinating.
We will return to view the heart photo.

Anonymous said...

Serenity Glass in Texas
Mr. Larry sells Osburn glass
Donna you might google
Serenity Glass and let Mr. Larry get you what you need.
Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

(304) 743-9280

Milton, WV 25541
dave's #

sweetdoc said...

We have been to Osburne each time we do Blenko.
Nicer people don't exist.
Hilary did you find a place to live in Columbus? The clock, did you find a clock? Other furniture?
We are out every other weekend, let us know what you need and we'll send photos w/ price.

Anonymous said...

Kissin Kates in Hurricane WV also sells Dave Osburn's Glass. They are a vendor for Osburn so you can get it there for the same price as from Osburns direct. Phone 304-562-1880