Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Women of Design

The West Virginia Division of Culture and History
cordially invites you to the opening and reception for
Embassies, Mansions and Stately Homes
Pat Bibbee and Vivian Woofter
Monday, May 4th 2009, 6pm
Cultural Center, Capitol Complex
Charleston, W. Va.
phone 304 558 -0162

We won't be attending but hope you will and please take PHOTOS for the blog!


Anonymous said...

Blenko Lady I did a google of your name and found this poem
.I will not lose my love for you

I will not lose my love for you,
in this you can believe.
I will not lose my love for you,
I promise I won’t leave.
I will not be like other men
a counterfeit, a fraud,
I take this vow without regret
before you, all and God.

William F. DeVault. all rights reserved

bone said...

Read the online article in Charleston Sunday paper with photos and you will want to know Blenko Glass was used in one home Twigg Shaw did for this photo shoot.
Daily my new obsession has me searching for news about Blenko, or old news I haven't seen. Or things to I must buy that are Blenko.

bone said...

Nice wedding vow poem you wrote
My gal will most likely clip this one to the frig.

susan said...

Did you find the starburst clock?
Have you moved to Ohio?
Bring us up to date on Blenko and your self, generic post are OK but where's the meat or heart of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone use their Blenko ? I see photos of shelves of Blenko but no real design.
I have my new purchases in boxes as I decide where to place them.
Help! If your Blenko is on display send a photo or send me a link to your photo.
Anna Warton

Anonymous said...

Presidents, movie stars, astronauts and collectors alike own beautiful glass pieces from the Blenko Glass Company, America's foremost glass art company. Everyday housewives have used blenko to add color and interest to rooms since the 50s.
My mom stored hers in boxes labeled by color. When she died I inherited about 200 pieces of Blenko and local WV Ohio KY glassmakers.