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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letter from Katie Trippe about HOLIDAY OUTLET SALE

All Specialty Items can be purchased at the Blenko Visitor Center Store starting November 27th, 2009 and by phone at (877) 425-3656 starting November 30th, 2009. All specialty items are available only while supplies last. Shipping and Handling are not included in the price of the pieces.
Miniature Snowmen

Baby Snowmen
Compliment your collection of snowmen with our NEW festive miniature snowmen. Approx. 3" High.
Price: $ 20.00
S & H not included

Limited Edition Nembered Ornaments
Limited Edition Ornaments
1st in "West Virginia Seasons" Series. Hand painted on a crystal ornament the historic covered bridge is reflected in a snowflake creating a beautiful winter scene. Only 50 available.
2nd Edition Winter Series "Skiing Snowman". This hand painted cheerful snowman is skiing down the slopes in his full winter attire on this electric blue ornament. Only 100 available.
Price: $ 50.00
Stand Included

S & H not included
Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel
All of the colors of Christmas are highlighted in this handcrafted angel. Limited to 50 numbered pieces. Each piece is signed by retired master craftsman Les Womack.
Price: $ 55.00
S & H not included

New Pink Ice Pieces
Pink Ice is back in all NEW designs for the Holiday Season. These pieces will go on sale November 27th and will be available for phone order November 30th while supplies last.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and safe travels.
Katie Trippe
Blenko Glass Company
(304) 743-9081


Anonymous said...

Ask Katie why they fired a lifetme loyal employee. She fired Don Lemley last week for no good reason. I used to work with him over there, he loved working at blenko. I know for a fact last year when they were hurting he worked 40 t0 50 hrs a week and only charged them for 32. Thats a good reason to let a man go.

Dr.BOB said...

I have two thoughts, (1) Doc Glass would tell you this blog is for positive Blenko comments (2) Lemley was a loyal employee, knowlegeable and this is hard to replace.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone beside me feel Katie
loves her own name more than the Blenko name?
I don't recall letters from Mr. Weekly signed by him
just an observatin.

Anonymous said...

If Don Lemley was fired
this should be spoken of on this blog.
Don Lemley photo and bio are frequently on this blog.
So what happen? Did they as someone said shut down the department?

sweetdoc said...

Oh this is very bad news. Don Lemley did all the classes? Will all classes be discontinued?
Was the antique glass no longer profitable to produce?
My friends do stain glass work and say its difficult to use as its not even but worth the extra effort for the beauty of Blenko Glass.
Sad very sad news.

sweetdoc said...

Katie is Hilary's age
very young (20 - 25ish)
Give the lady a break.
Perhaps having a name besides Blenko on letters is the right way to go.

Anonymous said...

observation - chitrakahn
sweetdoc - if haivng a name other than Blenko represent Blenko then Blenko is on the right trak.
Waiting not patiently to have lemly discussed on this blog.