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Friday, November 27, 2009

Master of Public Health -

Do you have a Master of Public Health? We're interested in learning more about Master of Public Health programs? If you currently enrolled or have completed a Master Of Public Health please email us at : theblenkoproject@aol.com


annu said...

I know many people in this program friends did along with the MD.
Public Service will never allow you to live an abundant life Hilary.
The pay is not good less than $150K even after 5 years.
Not good. Rethink this.

chitrakahn said...

My BF (soon to permanent man)
did a MPH or DPH he's a doc
I'll ask him to send you all his materials, notes, papers etc.
Good luck with this degree.
Will you post your mailing address?
Also will you reinburse for the cost of mailing?
Again good luck and don't listen to Annu.
We need docs with hearts!

Anonymous said...

only another doc would ask you to pay for postage.
an architectural man would pay and send it over night.
Lesson ? Stay away from Docs hillary.
Ted E.

Anonymous said...

Harvard has the only MPH program in the USA.
The best the oldest and most valuable degree one can obtain.
Go for Harvard.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clintons beautiful daughter is also in a public health program.
Perhaps I should consider this progam instead of a Single Group.
Public Health seems to attract only children who are beautiful and talented.
My question is to do what?
Sam A.

Dr.BOB said...

Sam / Ted
Public Service is being hyped by Obama the hero of these beautiful young people.
Good Luck.

chitrakahn said...

With a DDS and an MPH
you will be very marketable
Hilary don't listen to these
Haravard remains the best Public Health program.
My recommendation is consider one of the Armed Services as a Reservist Officer and have them pay for the MPH and pay you to go
my cousin is doing this. He works at Boston VA one weekend a month as a reservist, goes fulltime to school and will complete his 3 year service committment 18 months after his degree.
They gave him 60K to sign on and so much each month in addition to his tution etc.
I can ask him to contact you.