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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Six Applalachian Wonder Tales - Kanawha Players This Weekend.

Sing Down the Moon:  Appalachian Wonder Tales    is being presented by the Kanawha Players of Charleston, WVa.  
http://kanawhaplayers.org/  Kanawha Players is the longest running community theater in West Virginia.

The two hour show takes several popular fairy tales gives them an Appalachian spin and mixes them with old time  ( think George Clooney is Brother How Art Thou).  There are six tales.
Jack and the Wonder Bean,  Jack and king Marock,  Catskins,  The Enchanted Tree and The Sow and Her Three Pigs.   

My recently deceased  neighbor Jinny Spann  ( Ms. Charles Spann,  Edgwood Drive, Charleston, WV) was active with this group for more than 40 years, serving an actor, singer, president and supporter.   Jinny in the last year of her life ask me to become involved in Kanawha Players.   She ( Jinny) passed this summer and I am in the cast of this play. 

Kanawha Players has a Blenko connection -  Blenko Glass created a limited number of crystal water bottles to commemorate their anniversary.  The bottles sold for $100 each as part of a fund raiser.   http://kanawhaplayers.org  if you wish to purchase a bottle or support the Kanawha Players.

The play starts at 7pm  Friday -Saturday and 2pm on Sunday . Kanawha Players is located at 309 Beauregard Street in Charleston, WVa.  -     The cast ranges in age from 2 to 82.  Tickets are Adults $16 students and children $10.  Family packages are available.

Take the children, the grandchildren,  the neighbors kids,  this is a fun activity for the entire family.



Anonymous said...

I could find no place on this site to purchase that bottle and I collect water bottles.
Tell me more.
Carol Coyle

Anonymous said...

The link is Commerative Blenko Glass on the home page (last option on that page.)

Anonymous said...

here is the link. thanks, V. http://kanawhaplayers.org/?page_id=730

Anonymous said...

Took the two little ones, the 7 year old fell asleep after intermission.
My wife and I laughed and the ten year old fell in love with you and also with the Bean Stalk. He keep saying that king is actually the bean stalk.
Delightful show. I have seen no publicity in the Teays Valley area other than your post.
Last night we saw about 85 people, the theater holds 125 it should have been filled to over flowing.
Great Performance. Nice to see a theater that expects children to use their imagination.
Samuel Hugart

Anonymous said...

Did you know Smithfield Ham is now owned by China?
Will we wake up soon to find Blenko is also owned by china?
Do you now eat Smithfield ham?
Will you promote Blenko after they are bought by China?
Sam Tyree

Anonymous said...

We are in Key West until July 7th.
Ordered the water bottle. Supporting my favorite Glass Lady
and Blenko what could be better?


penny said...

We are certain Hilary is heart broken you could not attend this play.

Anonymous said...

The people in the community where Smithfield is located
seem to be happy
with the China connection.
They have a job. The community will survive.
Smithfield makes a great product.
Get a life, who care where something is made, or who owns it?
If you like it buy it. If not walk away.
Bruce Berry

Anonymous said...

Kanawha Players is BACK!
Great performance by all.
Terry Ashford

Anonymous said...

Smithfield ham is not yet owned by the Chinese.
Sally P