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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, June 24, 2013

West Virginia Birthday -Blenko Glass - For Sale!

6/29/ 2013  9:24  this set has been spoken for.  These vases are NO Longer Available for sale.
We frequently hear from collectors wanting to rehome their glass.  If you need a specific item (s)
send us an email and we'll forward you the info re: a seller.
Or if you have glass that needs a new home - we'll try to help.
Folks,  we have been ask to assist with finding new homes for a collection of 32
WV Birthday Vases.
If you are interested in purchasing please send an email containing the vases you need ( year) and what you are willing to pay.
The estate will contact you if you suggested fee is in the range they are seeking.
send your request to
   The following information should be included.
Your name and phone #,
your method of payment ie paypal, cash, cashier check.
The vases you want,
and the amount you are willing to pay.
Thank you!

I know many of you need only one or two vases,  this may be your opportunity to complete your set.
This estate is missing  year 83.   They do have the 2013 vase.


Anonymous said...

Would they consider donating these vases? The So Charleston Museum would welcome the vases.
I think also the WV Division of Culture Museum might enjoy these.
Sad to break up a collection, if donation is possible.
Ellen Tyre

alex said...

My neighbor has been running an ad for the complete set do you know what want for set?

Anonymous said...

My collection sold.
The last two I sold in Milton on Friday.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

I need 86 90 92
and 2013
I am willing to pay $800 each.
Thank you
Susan P
( I am also emailing this to you).

susan said...

Well, I heard to day via an email this set is gone!
I need vases, anyone willing to sell?

Anonymous said...

Do you charge a 30% finders fee?
How to you get compensated for this service?
Just curious
Sam Tyree

maggie said...

I can answer this question, on six occasions Hilary has helped me find blenko.
I paid nothing to her, and the seller paid her nothing.
I think she trys to help to increase interest.
She also is not paid for the blenko project or the blog.
The blenko project I would think is costing her some $$.
I find both invaluable.

maggie said...

I bid on three of these.
How do I know if I won, or I didn't win?
Also can I increase my offer?

Dr.BOB said...

I bet Glasslady wishes she got a percentage.

Anonymous said...

She helped me sell my Mother's glass
most all of it was Fenton
2 years ago.
She didn't charge me anything.
Mrs. Della Blankenship

Anonymous said...

Clarification: Blenkoproject is a non-profit organization.

Neither hillary nor I make any money off of blenkoproject. In fact, both of us have spent our own money for it.