Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


You do not need to be an expert on BLENKO - anyone with a computer, access to the library, or online reference could identify the glass and receive the reward!
A Blenko Blog reader recently purchased vintage BLENKO at an estate sale. In an effort to identify his purchases he has offered a reward if we will assist him in identification.
There are 4 ash trays, 1 lamp, 4 pitchers, 1 large goblet with twisted stem, a decanter with stopper,
a vase with color design. The owner wishes to know who designed each, and as much information about each item as possible.
On his behalf we are offering 2 gifts. Both signed BLENKO .... one for the first correct response before December 26th
and the other for the email with the most information about the items and correctly identifying the items. Thank you in advance for your response.
We will post the PHOTOS ON Sunday ..send your answers with your email address etc to THEBLENKOPROJECT@aol.com


jedijawa said...

Tag! You're it! Tell 8 Interesting/Random things about yourself....and....go! Oh, and then pass it on to several other bloggers.

Hillary J Homburg said...

AH These Blog events.
(1) Very little in my life is random even less would be considered 'interesting' by most folk.
(2) I have a Christmas Tree decorated solely with SHOES and PURSES.
(3) I always TIVO Ugly Betty, Daily Show and the Colbert Report.
(4) In my 'spare' time I am involved with a rescue group SMALL PAWS RESCUE - we re home Bichon Frises.
(5) Comic Book / Pop Culture Conventions - I do at least one a year.
(6) My hair is naturally curly.
(7) In my College Living space my bathrooms are decorated with items from the 40s - 50s.
(8) I love Politics, legal and ethical issues, our State (WV), the University (WVU) and WVU Sports - not as much as my Dad - but a lot!

Hillary J Homburg said...

Most people who read my Blog DO NOT BLOG
If you don't BLOG - please feel free to answer JEDIJAWAs challenge and respond to the TAG here -
I'd love to read 8 radom facts about each of you

jedijawa said...

You crack me up as always Hillary! Thanks for playing. I'll get to your last emails this weekend BTW. :-)

Anonymous said...

Solomon says:
1. We are writing from Mylan Pushar Field where WVU will defeat UConn
We have season tickets to football and basketball. 2. We wear jeans often, birkenstock sandals and polo sweaters when not working 3. We have 4 dogs, 3 horses, four offices and we are very busy always.4 We just saw you walk in with your parents. 5. Our favorite meal is anything grilled, 6. We hunt and fish out of state frequently. 7. We own 6 cars none are vintage - sorry Hillary.
8. We randomly read and comment on your blog. U consistently do not publish our comments.

andreendo said...

8 radom things
1-Read Heart of Glass 3 times a week. 2- Do not collect Blenko 3- also wear sandals into winter 4- have 2 many art books and 2 many projects 5-Love to travel 6 have few fears 7 am attracted to women who don't like me, and never to the many who find me very attractive 8 Even in boarding school I found these type surveys juvenile.

andreendo said...

photo of the reward would be welcome!

Ram said...

1). I am spiritual than religious but I pray everyday morning and before going to bed it helps me remain focus and calm.
2). I dont eat meat on Tuesday and Thursday.
3). You will always find my laptop on my bed but my lappy never sleeps but I do lol :)
4). I watch CNN,reality shows,talk shows and History/Discovery channel.
5). I like going to Barnes&Noble bookstore and I spend hours reading technical books,financial magzines and reading some cooking books to learn new recipes.
6). I cook daily and I enjoy it. It helps me relax too.
7). I dont like ironing but I have to do it.
8). I like to set goals and chase them else I feel life is stagnant

lewisdvdphd said...

8 random things we would like to know
1-why do you ignore my friend Sol
2-Why do you use Large letters so often 3-Sol uses them to 'annoy' you or mack you, this goes unnoticed by you 4-Why Blenko, why do you care about Blenko? 5-Why not Cats? 6-Do you have a steady boyfriend? Is this the reason,if so state 7-What things from the 40s are in your bathrooms? 8-Xmas tree decorated in shoes/purses does this mean you are a shopalcholic?

sweetdoc said...

Random things
1 Floss my teeth in the car on the way to work and as I return from hospital daily.
2 Sleep less than 6 hours a day, my body refuses to do more.
3 Watch TV too often, and with my step children ages 12 -15 so I watch trash.
4 Refuse to learn to cook, we eat out or my husband cooks, or we eat the wonderful fresh uncooked veggies that I lovingly prepare.
5 I also - like RAM- eat no meet 3 days a week, and no red meat 7 days a week.
6 The exception to this is visiting Iowa, In Iowa I eat corn feed beef belonging to my inlaws. It is delicious.
7 I lie when I say I do not like desserts.
8 I have too many hobbies, too many collections, too many interest and too little time.
Now I need more space I have more interesting things ...to say.

Dr.BOB said...

1- People over 30 should not partake of surveys designed for juveniles.
2- I am very random and most interesting,
3- Taking a break from patients reading the blog eating a salad and using grey matter to respond. Is there a shrink in the house?
4- I randomly read Heart of Glass, I randomly purchase Blenko. This year I purchased many items of Blenko.
5- Blenko was a new vocabulary work in 2006.
6- I work more than 56 hours each week
7- My one dream is to retire early and live near an ocean w/o mountains and with less than one lawyer per hundred people.
8- I want to father children before I am 35.

ravi said...

1) I am not fat, Yet I eat at subway every weekday..the same veggie sandwich
2) I do not work ("Work" work) more than 40 hrs/week
3) I feel that there is not better coffee than Starbucks
4) I am learning music, Indian classical instrument "mridangam"
5) My favorite colors are Sky blue and Maroon
6) I hate hot weather
7) My favorite TV show host/reporter/comedian/pseudo-politician/wise;smart;witty;fun guy is John stewart
8) I just wasted 5 min of my time

Hillary J Homburg said...

Thank You!
To everyone who responded to JEDIJAWA's challenge.
Learning new things (smile) can be fun. It did use valuable time - but LAWYERS - Jedijawa is a LAWYER bill by the hour - so perhaps he's billing someone as he writes.
I have questions/ comments:
Lewis: Sol has a voice and uses it. Tell us about yourself.

Ravi what is this instrument - what sound does it make?
40 hour week - I am envious!

Ram - A man who cooks, your signficant other is very lucky!
I also love bookstores and hate ironing! (but) love pressed freshly ironed clothing so I do frequently iron.

Sol: I didn't walk in with my parents -

AE Thank you for playing even tho you didn't enjoy the process. We have a great deal in common - I also love to travel, have 2 many books, and projects and poor judgement re: OS.

Ram said...

Hi Hillary,

Haha but I dont have significant other yet and I am so hoping she will help me out in the kitchen department, let see who is going to be lucky :)


susan said...

1 I wear only black beige white or red daily. When not in uniform.
2. I read 4 newspapers each day.
3. I do steps instead of elevators.
4. I like Ram am spiritual not religious.
5. I never trust anyone over 30
6. Detest small towns, and rural living, most animals, and all colored lights.
7. Like jedijawa I wear birkenstock at home w/o socks all year long. Like Dr Bob I find this survey to be dull but I continue to write.
8. Unlike Hillary I consider all of life to be random and interesting. Like Hillary I find Solomons comments to be obnoxious and child like.