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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Local Milton Photographer Captures AWARD with BLENKO

Laura Moul is well known in the Milton area as a school teacher and a photographer. Her photos of Blenko glass and glassworks are sold at BLENKO - they can be used as post cards or as the perfect addition to your GLASS GIFT - the photo of the glass worker creating the glass. Its an awesome combination. The cards are very inexpensive.
We often buy photo cards of the Blenko gardens so Friends can see the beautiful flowering beds. Lauras' photos of people are even better - she is somehow able to capture their sole in the photos. You'll just have to search for her photos while you're at Blenko. Laura's photos are works of art. Its nice to have a local person take such interest in photographing Blenko and the folks at Blenko.
She recently send the above photo and this note.
"Just thought I'd share the attached photo. At the 7th Annual National Miniature Exhibition at The Renaissance Gallery in Huntington, I won Honorable Mention with this photo. Only 15 artwork received awards out of 125. The juror was John Allen Thompson, world renowned miniature artist from Washington, D. C."

Laura Moul CPP, M.Photog.
"capturing moments in time"
www.moulphotography.com www.yessey.com/lauramoul


Ram said...

Congratulations Laura wonderful job they look more like scintillating jewels. Browsed the website gallery beautiful flowers and landscape pictures. I like that you have the array of themes on art gallery. I always wanted to do something with camera but never strike an idea thats really inspiring for me. thankyou so much Laura for feeding the great idea

wondering you took those picture using digital camera or SLR ..

Hillary you seem to be the Pirate of the Blenko - finding out these hidden Blenko treasures :)


sweetdoc said...

Lovely photos
Mr. Ram is right you are the Blenko know it all.
I very much enjoy reading this
and learning about Blenko.
We went to see Blenko on Friday
and I will go again for Christmas
Thank you
It was near me all allong but I didn't know. We moved here 7 years ago and I never hear of Blenko Glass - until 3 months ago.
I may soon be called an addict.
Can you tell me who is safe to buy from on Ebay?

Anonymous said...

I have not given up
You are refusing to publish
my comments WHY
They contain the word
and ask questions about

Hillary J Homburg said...

comments noted
and published.

Laura said...

Thanks to those who left comments. My photos of the discarded glass piles (cull)have been getting recognized. In the Blenko Visitor Center check out the photo notecards and photoglass paperweights that I made with Blenko artisans blowing glass or even with my new "Bits of Glass" images. I used my Pentax istDL digital camera and a variety of lenses to capture the new images. I'm selling them as framed or matted art prints. No filters or manipulation was done in Photoshop, so these were pure images "capturing moments in time" at Blenko Glass Factory in Milton. Unfortunately, the beautiful colors (as seen in the photo above) cannot be seen again as a lot of the cull has been hauled away. I'm printing my "Bits of Glass" art prints on metallic paper which captures the beauty of Blenko glass in a special way. I'll be glad to post more if anyone would like to see.