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Monday, November 05, 2007

Your Question : What is a DALLE DE VERRE?

Thank you for asking - Its a fancy name for SLAB GLASS.

Dalle De Verre (Slab Glass)
Blenko Glass Company began producing Dalle de Verre in the late 1950's when the process was brought to us from France, making Blenko the first United States company to produce dalles. Blenko dalles are hand cast from soda-lime-silica glass and come in a wide variety of repeatable colors. Our hand cast method has not changed since we began making dalles. Dalle de Verre is relatively easy to design and construct, and is an excellent alternative to traditional sheet glass installations. Sample sets are available. Please contact http://www.blenkoglass.com/
for availability and pricing, or phone Don Lemley Antique Glass 304 743 9081.
Tthis information was provided by BLENKO GLASS.


sheater said...

Dalle De Verre glass is an art glass medium in which dalles are broken or cut into pieces and set in an epoxy base to adhere them in a decorative design. ...
In the early 90s one of our employees took a glass from Blenko in this method. She made windows for her church and one of her buildings.
Do they still offer this art form education? If so when and what is the cost? Where?
Info please.
Earn your money - lady with the glass heart.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Don Lemly still does classes
phone him
304 743 9081
he teaches at BLENKO
private and group lessons
Don also occassionally teaches Stain Glass Art at TAYLORS BOOK Capitol Street Charleston, WV.
If this doesn't answer your question - let me know.

Ram said...

thats great piece of information
good to learn something new

Anonymous said...

S. Heater
You are rude.
Hillary what ever they pay you
they should pay you more.
Margie H.

sweetdoc said...

Does Blenko do custom windows?
I've been wanting to have my bathroom window changed for years
have any idea about the cost?