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Friday, November 02, 2007


WOMEN IN THE WEST VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE - First place Social Science State Fair. In junior high I was obsessed with the history of Women in the Political realm.

While working (2 years) on this project I had the honor to meet all the ladies serving and many who had retired. The female members (delegates and senators) took me under their wing - sharing stories - making certain I met everyone - making phone calls on my behalf. It was a wonderful learning experience. Martha Werhle and Martha Walker were most especially instrumental in having me meet all the ladies and attend political rallies. PHYLISS RUTLEDGE, Bonnie Brown, Pat White, Shelly Moore Capito, Sharon Spencer, Jae Spears , the list goes on. The LADIES in the West Virginia legislature were strong women but they also took time to nurture. Mrs. Capito, Ms. Rutledge, Mrs. Caperton, Mrs. Wehrle, Mrs. Walker and Ms. Mary Pearl Compton all came to the Science Fair to see the complete project.
Mary Pearl Compton from Monroe County became my pen pal for a while. When ever she thought of some new tidbit of information - - or saw an article she thought I might find helpful she would pass it along. A retired teacher who never stopped learning and passing information. Martha Werhle and Martha Walker both very powerful ladies in the legislature also continued to take time to occasionally send materials of interest long after the
project was completed. The WOMEN IN THE WEST VIRGINIA Legislature take their role as leaders and role models very seriously. Looking back it amazes me anyone had time to deal with a very persistent 13 year old with a desire to know 'everything' about being a WOMAN and being political!

Life is funny isn't it! You have amazing people enter and exit your life on a daily basis and yet we often don't take the time to realize how very blessed we were to have them.
Everything and everyone moves so quickly.
Recently I heard someone say ' There is a lesson to be learned in every encounter. '

Martha Werhle http://www.legis.state.wv.us/ www.legis.state.wv.us/Educational/publications/legis_women.pdf
I am thinking about WOMEN IN THE LEGISLATURE today - because my parents phoned last evening to say MARTHA WERHLE passed at age 81. She will I am certain be remembered as the 'classic beauty, with the ability to embrace everyone and listen with all her heart to your desires.' Martha Werhle will be long remembered as a PIONEER in the West Virginia legislature one who never compromised her strong value system and who wanted to include everyone in the process. A Graceful Lady - A Member of the West Virginia Legislature.

Charleston Daily Mail
Martha Wehrle -- a highly respected and popular former legislator from Kanawha County -- died at 10:45 pm Wednesday at Charleston Area Medical Center's ...www.dailymail.com/story/News/2007110176/Martha-Wehrle-dies-at-81


sweetdoc said...

I am willing to bet you will one day be described as a 'classic
woman' who also had great passion for her state.

Anonymous said...

I am friends with the Werhle
family. Will you be at the wake?
I'll be looking for you.
Our official introduction?
Agree with your most appropriate comments about Ms.
Werhle. A finer woman never lived.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Eon and I will be in town for this - perhaps someone will be kind enough to introduce us.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are so mature and gracious at this young age.

Ms. Homburg you are a WV treasure.

Dad was friends with M.W's husband Russ, he (Russ) died very young.
MW was remarkable, strong, and to be admired.


Ram said...

My condolences on the loss of Marth Werhle. Surely she will be
remembered as a PIONEER in the West Virginia legislature.

Hillary you are one those amazing people who enter and exit life.