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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1983 - West Virginia Birthday - BLENKO

Blenko Glass - 1983 - West Virginia Birthday. Item signed and numbered. Sold at Diamond Department Store
Charleston, West Virginia in June of 83.
This item designed by Don Sheperd shows the beautiful West Virginia blue sky with mountains of gold in the bottom.
The Blenko silver label of hands is sometimes found on these - sometimes not as the ladies who purchased these bowls used them to hold fruit, flowers, as center pieces or sometimes as a display piece on a side table.
This bowl can be found in limited supply (less than #150 were made in 83) and has been sold for between $l, OOO and $350. You may be 'lucky' enough to find one at a 'tag sale' for less. Often times the seller doesn't have knowledge - if you as a buyer KNOW the item - and check to make certain its signed / numbered/ and it is indeed a WV Birthday you may be able to get a great bargain. I recently heard about a buyer who picked this item up in South Charleston for $350 - which I consider a great bargain. HJH
The 2008 WV Birthday BLENKO will be sold at BLENKO GLASS Milton, WV in June. The cost will be under $200, it will be a signed, limited edition, collectors item. Plan to start you collection of WV Birthday with 2008, or give this item to a newly wed. What a great wedding gift! HJH


sweetdoc said...

Interesting info about Blenko history.
Is this the longest running series Blenko does?
Do they do one for Ky and Ohio?

Dr.BOB said...

We have been attempting to put this collection together for over 3 years now with little success.
Don't know where they are hiding but hiding they are.
Also getting to Milton in the middle of a week and getting there before day light? Who can do this? Not professional working people! I know 3 people who closed l/2 day to do this, but the hospital/ University I work with would frown upon such an addiction.
Perhaps I could say I have a dentist appointment?
Suggestions? For quick and easy Birthday acquisitons Hillary. I am willing to pay.

Dr.BOB said...

One more comment.
After catching up on the blog, I must comment that I admire your ability to continue with this committment to Blenko Glass as you pursue an advanced degree in medicine. My students complain constantly of having no time.
My belief is we make time for the things that are important.
Please continue, having real committments and social values will be an asset for the remainder of your career.

Hillary J Homburg said...

This is the longest running collectors series and They do NOT do this for Ky and Ohio.
Dr Bob
If you are willing to pay someone to stand in line for you - say $50 per hour - I can find that person.
Join the Blenko Collectors Society and then let others know you are looking - or place an at www.blenkoproject.org that says you want birthday pieces. Good Luck! Also check ebay.

bridgett said...

? Need to buy gift for my boss, we have a large sum of money to spend. He collects Blenko, and reads your blog daily. Can you recommend what we should buy? He has most everything Husted made.
Is a Birthday Collection in total available? How much?
Other suggestions?
He didn't get the 2007 one - he arrived afternoon on the 20th and they were sold out.
I shall return to find your answer.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Remember that I am not an art major, or an expert on anything.
The Birthday Collection - if you could find one would cost a lot - even at a lost estimate it would be thousands of dollars.
The New 2007 Blenko Line
all 3 series could probably be bought for under 4K. A new design team put these together there are about 5 pieces in each series.
You might select one of the three and go from there.
Depending on your budget.
Check out the Blenko website or phone Rodney Wade 304 743 9081 you have my permission to tell him I told you to phone.

lewisdvdphd said...

I have spent over %9,000 on that damn Blenko WVa Collection and I don't have all of them.
Bridgett I think it is very hard to find the early ones, I have been 2 years and still missing 8
Anyone have last years they want to sell?

Anonymous said...

Wish I would of went to Blenko and got one of those WV for I do believe I could make some money right here on Hillary's Blog. Yes Hillary does know someone to stand in line for you. You got to get up early, almost camp out from what I have heard from Hillary's Uncle and Mom. The early bird just does not catch the birthday piece, you get a good number, nothing like having a number one. Hillary I believe does not have to much time she just manages well. I myself taught my daughter to make a daily schedule in about the third grade and she still is using this same system as a elementary spainish teacher in Va. Dr.Bob, just let us know and I will go stand in line for you and we can talk over what it worth to stand and drive there,of course I would have to give Hillary her cut. I would also make that phone call to Mr.Wade, The people at Blenko are so nice.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Re: Gift for your boss.
After some thought - if I had $$$
more than a thousand to spend on vintage Blenko. I would contact
Damon Crain at Blenko Museum google and link - ask for his help in making a selection.
My earlier comments about Bayliss' designs stand if he wants new Blenko.

Anne said...

I was lucky enough to own one of these. A friend stood in line at The Diamond, starting before dawn, to buy it.
Sadly, many years later it was shattered during some home repair work we were having done. The contractor was dumbstruck that I sobbed when he told me about it.
To him it was just a pretty piece of glass. To me it represented the nine wonderful years we lived in West Virginia.
You see, my friend bought it for us as our going-away gift when we were transferred elsewhere. And it was irreplaceable, just like our Mountain State experience.

Hillary J Homburg said...

You may be able to find someone who wants to part with the 83. If you 'want to buy' send a note to the blog and we'll post the info on the blog.
Birthday Pieces belong with people who will love them.