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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Major Installations that contain BLENKO Antique and Slab Glass

Several people have written to ask where they can see examples of BLENKO at use in buildings, or Blenko windows.
I see to spot Blenko frequently in Stain glass works of art. Below is a list provided by BLENKO GLASS (304 743 9081) it is not all inclusive - if you know of others - and you want to share - please write.
Air Force Academy, Denver CO
Norman Temple, Washington, DC
Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH
Washington Cathedral, Washington DC
New York Hall of Science, New York World's Fair 1964
St Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
Westminster Abbey Church Benedictine
Heinz Chapel, University of Pittsburgh
Colonial WIlliamsburg, Williamsburg VA - used for Colonial House window repair


bridgett said...

I will be near Canton after the 15th. if possible we will send a photo of the blenko to you ms. hillary.

Dr.BOB said...

Enjoyed your post about Heniz Hall
why not do a post about each of these with photos?
In your Free time.

westvirginiajanis said...

Good idea Dr. Bob. Likely most of the places with Blenko glass have websites and it would just be a matter of linking to the url so we could click and see. These places are worth the visit to see the Blenko glass IN USE!

If you haven't logged on to the WVU alum magazine to read the Blenko/hillary article, find the URL under my name in the "red frog" comments.

West Virginia Janis

bridgett said...

Hillary when I was doing exams I often read from the scriptures
'This too shall pass...' everyone goes thru the drama and we all come out the other end. U'll be
a great Doc.

nick said...

Frequent reader / first time to comment.
Enjoy everything you write.
Are there other blogs you can recommend? About WVa.
I'm taking a position in August and
want to learn about the state.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the stain glass and wonder how many church's in the U.S. used Blenko for their window's. The church I attended when I was a baby had awesome windows. Located in Brunswick Maryland. The Temple in D.C. is beautiful. So is the Washington Cathedral. Making me miss home, where I know where alot of stain glass windows are. Been to Williamburg, Va. and seen the Colonial House. Fun time there. Loved the old-time carriage ride and the food. Do know of many churches that have stain-glass windows that have been around along time. The Temple is also beautiful at nite, they turn the lights on you see it from miles away. For along time stain glass windows I thought all churches had them, guess that depends on where you live. Wonderful art work. Good luck on those finals, don't second guess yourself and will see you soon. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Had to write Sol, Boy you are smart. Only we who live in the beautiful state of WV do love the state. We cannot control how some of the people care to take care of themselves. Most people here grew-up eating pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread. Now why are there health issues of over weight people. Now adays they eat fast food or Shoney's cheaper than buying groceries. You must remember the mimium wage has never been where people could afford salad everyday and most do not eat rice or hot food. Then someone decided to give chicken antibiotic. Boy has that caused the younger people to be big kids. It has made me wonder alot when kids are as big as me and I am 53 and they are ten. Research that one. it concerns me. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Forgive me Hillary. Sol I also forgot the most inportant food is a big old BISCUIT. Now when you are raised on biscuits that are made of flour, lard and buttermilk how much are you gonna weigh. That is what most folks could afford not to forget the bacon grease gravy that goes on the biscuit. Only we do have some of the most beautiful women in the USA.