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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cedar Lakes Arts & Crafts Fair July - RIPLEY, WV

Mountain State Arts and Crafts Fair. Through the Years the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair is held annually on the Thursday through Sunday during the first weekend in July. It began in 1963. My Parents started going in 1980, they rarely miss a trip to Cedar Lakes.
Clouds were forming as we left Charleston, we sang songs of Sunshine . . .and Rainbows. . .but the Rain fell, my parents didn't seem to mind the rain. We walked around for an hour or two. Spent most of our time eating, visiting with Laura Moul (another post) and visited the Appalachian Glass of Weston, W.Va. http://www.appglass.com/(LINK) Chip Turner from Appalachian Glass was doing demos, he made a glass ball for Dr. Shan (our guest). Chip Turner with a vision of increasing public appreciation in traditionally-produced, American-made products formed and now owns Appalachian Glass Products & Services LLC.
This year our 'day trip' was eventful - the MUD was 2 feet deep. My Dad's car was stuck in the MUD a tractor and six men came to our rescue. With the initial 'mud impaction ' our family friend Dr. Shan heroically jumped out of the car wearing nice trouser and dress suede shoes, got behind the car and started to shove, I not wanting to feel 'totally useless' decided to 'help, I also pushed perhaps to provide moral support. The car started to move, only to become stuck again in 500 feet. The mud was everywhere and deep. On the car, on us, in the car. My pants were covered with mud to my knees. My sandals were destroyed. Dr Shan's and my Dads clothes were also ruined.
Next week, I know this will seem funny. Perhaps next year when I think of this day, I'll smile, but now....I feel kinda sorry for Dr Shan whose first visit to West Virginia was filled with a day of pushing car, hosing mud from himself, destroying his shoes, driving 8 -9 hours and learning to eat South India foods made from' scratch' by West Virginians. I do feel Dr Shan "will forever say NO" to Arts and Crafts Festivals after this experience. BUT for the rest of you - THINK NEXT YEAR! and SUNSHINE!

The 2009 Arts and Crafts Fair Plans are all ready under way. Artisans who exhibit at the fair are selected by a jury of crafts experts and the number of out of state exhibitors is limited to 25% of the total number of exhibitors. All products represent some form of traditional or contemporary Appalachian arts and crafts. Over the years the Mountain State Arts and Crafts Fair has become one of the Leading Arts and Crafts Fairs in the nation. It is ranked in the top 5 and listed in travel guides Best Festivals Mid Atlantic Region. see link: Festivals Mid-Atlantic.
Future Fair Dates2009 – July 2, 3, 4, 5http://www.msacf.com/fairinfo.html



Anonymous said...

I would have gone to ripley
if only I knew you were there.
I hate these things, my Mom does this yearly.
I hope this Dr Shan is over 50 and is a friend of your father.
as we know you do not date.

Anonymous said...

We stayed home becuz of weather and thoughts of muddy roads.
Margie Hale

andreerods said...

Envy your family friend
this day.
Recall my encounter with your mom
and you at GAS in Pittburgh.
Had a blast!
Your Mom was awesome! So positive.
She said I'd be famous and rich.
The woman is wise.
Your family is great, this day you will remember and thinking of you pushing an auto, well I can not imagine you getting dirty.

sweetdoc said...

OK I am new to Ohio and this Tri State area, but Why would you
feed an Irish (shan) Doc
Indian food made by
West Virginians?
Is this a joke?
Color me Lost!
Sol you must have the key.
also where is ripley?

Anonymous said...

A photo of the whole person is

lewisphddvd said...

as a 'footman' I enjoy the
nicely painted muddy
toe nail.
Dr. Shen saw W.Va. as I see it often on Sol's farm.

Anonymous said...

We've been in West Virginia for 50 years and don't understand any of this.
Matt Mills

Hillary J Homburg said...

SweetDoc I thought about YOU and WVJANIS and Holly and DrBOB you guys would have enjoy the Fair.
Many glass artist and the prices were very low.
The silversmith Rick Gallagher had not increased his prices, Ron Swanberg the leathersmiths prices had not increased.
These and many other outstanding craftspeople had their wares for sale or exhibiton. I felt very proud to be a West Virginian.

Anonymous said...

Remember Camp Virgil Tate?
Paul Jordan
US Army

lewisdvdphd said...

I accept your invitation. It is a date. Next year I will accompany you to the Arts and Crafts Fair.
Thank you for asking.
Muddy country roads surround Sol
110 acre farm up there, I must admit I love visiting.
West Virginia is beautiful. Fayetteville, Hawks Nest, Berkley Springs, many beautiful areas. Cedar Lakes (dunno)
Next year Hilary you and I will bring life to Cedar Lakes.
Let me know if you want me to pick you up in Charleston.

andreerods said...

Now this is the 'site' for glassacholics and footfetish, or
hillbilly heaven?

andreerods said...

PS I will accompany you and Lewis
next year. WV Mud car pushing sounds fun.