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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


" It is not the oath that
makes us believe the man,
but the man the oath." Aeschylus

Last evening while playing board games and talking about life with a large group of friends , my thoughts turned to glass - I thought of HUNT STUDIO in Pittsburgh, Pa. ,http://www.huntsstainglass.com/. , Blenko Glass, Milton, WV http://www.blenkoglass.com/ Franklin Art Glass in Columbus, Ohio http://www.franklinartglass.com/ . As a young child I started making regular trips to Blenko and Franklin Art Glass. The men at these companies always speak the truth, I knew this as a child, and as an adult I now realize how unique in the business world it is to have a
business that is so honest and truthful in its public dealings. Hunt Studios I didn't know until recently, however, one has only to step inside the door and you know this is a place where
people know about 'living truthfully'.
We all grew up hearing " let your conduct be marked by truthfulness in word, deed and thought." As I age I realize that honesty is a glue that holds society as we know it together.
Note: These cobalt blue items and many others are available for purchase at the BLENKO GLASS VISITORS CENTER MILTON,WVa.


Anonymous said...

this is a truism
it goes from the top down
I am most honest and forthright
therefore I attract as employees
persons who are also
truthful, hardworking and honest.
Just as your friends, the Blenkos
Hunts Parrendo and Franklins have done.
A business without honesty
and one that isn't generous with the public
will not survive.
You my dear my have discovered the secret
to your dear Blenko's survival or as you
call it success.

sweetdoc said...

Until last year with all the animals passing due to tainted dog foods I gave honesty little thought.
Now I am aware not everyone is honest and we need a system of checks.
If I know someone is dishonest I will not go back for the 2nd visit.

Ravi said...

I am not sure why this is prompting me to make this comment, but i sincerely feel that it should not comeout as a force..being honest for the morality part of it.

Hillary J Homburg said...

now you have peaked my interest
tell me more about your concept

Anonymous said...

Honesty in business is a strange concept.
It is difficult to manage I would think on the corporate level.
I feel there are some born inocent perhaps hilary and ravi and margie
from this blog those who rarely see the dark side of issues. Those for whom dishonesty of any sort would bring personal pain.
Then for the other 99% of us. Let me stop before I am censored.
Nice read today Hilary.
I get it. Blenko is an honest, upstanding, outstanding company. Go buy Blenko!
Mountain Rita

bridgett said...

Mountain Rita
I disagree with you. The enviroment has a lot to do with the development of morality. If a person grows up in or works in an enviroment were honesty is valued as opposed to an eviroment void of morals.
It is possible to be honest in business and life. Not always easy but possible. With prayer and meditation and proper alignment most good things are possible.
Hilary was suggesting that Blenko has an honest staff from the top down. Honesty is its own reward, for a company to be family owned privately owned intodays world and successful is remarkable.
She's correct. Honesty may be one of the traits that kept Blenko alive.
Other than wanting an honest mechanic, b4 today I haven't given a lot of thought to individual businesses and the concept of honesty. Thanx to H. for making me think.

Anonymous said...

At 23 going on 24 trust me you know nothing of what it means to
age. Do your bones talk to you when you walk? If not you haven't aged.
Margie Hale

Ravi said...

what I feel.... and this is at a very high level without delving too deep, its not possible here......we see people preaching, teaching morality rules and putting constraints of how one should be, may be For a small kid that might be ok, But even for an adult???

The thing is morality will always follow as a bi-product if you are conscious of your mind and it's thoughts not just get caught up with morality and stay there.

.....Something to contemplate on

Anonymous said...

I agree honesty should not be forced or imposed it should come from without effort due to pure heart, and desire to stay pure.
Margie Hale

Dr.BOB said...

Get on the soapbox more often, you can become very uh thought provoking.
Definitely not just another pretty girl with flower in her hair, are you.

Dr.BOB said...

Welcome back? Did I miss the report of your vacation- pilgramage?

Anonymous said...

Dr Bob
You stay hip
\did you know definiately is the most mispelled word on the internet?
Paul Jordan

Ram said...

I really liked this one "Do your bones talk to you when you walk?"
smiling :)

so true Honesty is all that matters everywhere peronal, professional and in relationship and it comes from deep inside within...

Hillary this is a article of the month


Anonymous said...

I have a favor to ask of everyone....I will start by saying that I live in Milton and have always LOVED Blenko Glass( i love the fact of collecting glass that is one of a kind...no two pieces are exactly alike)But i have been troubled recently by the fact that the company is not doing much(ie sale wise) they are laying off the blowers because of not having very many orders going out. So i beg anyone that reads this to please stop by the visters center a buy some pieces or order by phone or online so this truly unique company stays alive and please encourage anyone you know to do the same becuase if not the end of Blenko glass may just be right around the corner!!

andreerods said...

In another life you were a methodist minister. Of this I am certain.