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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Glass Festival August 21 -23 Milton, West Virginia.

Blenko Glass Milton, West Virginia 304 743 9081 August 21 -23. BLENKO GLASS will host a GLASS FESTIVAL. If you are a COLLECTOR of West Virginia or BLENKO Glass this is a must do. If you aren't a collector of Blenko or West Virginia Glass this is a time you should come to Milton, see the people who make the glass, get a 'feel' for the company, the quality of glass, and enjoy this well planned 8/21-23 time.Because so many of you ask. We contacted Richard Blenko, CEO of Blenko Glass and he was kind enough to give us a brief overview of the plans. The date is finalized, many classes and other activities will continue to be added.Mr. Blenko said:"we are considering a paperweight class,jewelry making; casting class, dalle de verre and glass blowing."Mark your calendars - and plan to drive down/up to Milton for this event. Questions? Email theblenkoproject@aol.com or phone Blenko Glass 304 743 9081.

NOTE: If you SELL GLASS - West Virginia or BLENKO GLASS and want to purchase a table for the day during this GLASS FESTIVAL you will need to contact Karin Alonzo. This would be a great opportunity if you sell glass to get to know new customers, and learn first hand what 'collectors' are looking for. If you are interested let me know and I will ask Karin to write a short message for the blog or else acquire her permission to post a number - otherwise send your contact info or note to: THEBLENKOPROJECT@aol.com and I'll forward to Karin, she'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Note: #2 - Many of you have written to ask for photos of the FESTIVAL GLASS PIECE that will be sold as a limited number (300) item. I wrote to BLENKO GLASS to ask for a photo. Katie Garrisons' (the marketing director) response was: "We have the piece but it has not been produced in the correct color yet. As soon as we get the pictures of the piece we will get it to you. For now it will be a teaser." So I guess you are suppose to be waiting with baited breath for the photo - also saving your $$ for the trip to Milton, and keeping back extra dollars to purchase this item and the other ones that will for sale during this special event. WHEN I get information, I will immediately post it. BLENKO is always a good investment and this new design team consistently comes up with dynamic new designs. As soon as this one is available phone them with your charge card number.
Thanks for reading - and for planning to attend THE GLASS FESTIVAL! hjh


bridgett said...

This is very short notice to tell people of something just one month before? Why Hilary are you so late in letting us know? Then you don't have prices or know what the glass looks like? This is just not good.
People have vacations planned. Unless you are a senior citizen, or a wealthy person, deciding to take a trip to God forsaken WV on the spur of the moment isn't easy.
Why didn't you tell us sooner?
Why don't you have more information?
Also I'd like to know why there is no link from the Blenko web site to this blog? It took me 3 hours the first time to find the blog.
I have ask this question several times now with out a response.
Sign me frustrated buyer.

sweetdoc said...

I agree it is short notice
we live just across the bridge
from WVa. about 50 miles from
Blenko Glass.
Even for us it is short notice. My children have activities planned.
There was nothing on the Blenko glass website either.
I also agree with you about the LINK to the blog. To make matters worse I was in Blenko last week
and the girls did not know there was a blog.
When I mentioned an item on the blog.
Poor or lack of communication.
Who knows about the collectors club, have you been to blenko collector website? if not go.

Dr.BOB said...

To be fair
I have been often to Visitor Center those girls are too busy
to be bothered with questions.
Having printed info about the
Collectors groups and the Blog
would be very helpful.
My wife and I won't be attending the Festival of Glass not enough notice. We will join a collectors group if it ever re groups.

Anonymous said...

I am a Collector Club member, and I know this event only came up a couple of weeks ago. Events are not finalized, so they can't be posted yet. According to the BCS website, it is being re-organized at this minute, with information out as it becomes available. Since Hillary didn't know, she couldn't tell you. The BCS originally had a convention scheduled the prior week, so I would guess many members had been planning to come then. How many will be coming now is unknown. Even if you can make it for a day, it should be an interesting time.

Car Girl

Tim said...

bridgett, sweetdoc, et al

The reason for the late notification has NOTHING to do with Hillary. Hillary is not an employee of Blenko. What Hillary is, is the biggest booster Blenko and West Virginia have. The reason for the short notice is because Blenko decide to do something special for the collectors at the last minute. Originally no event was planned for this year, but Blenko thought they do something nice. Ideally we would have known 6 months ago, but unfortunately that is not the case. Hillary posted this even on her blog on July 16, this is over a months notice. We are working with the tools we have.

Bridgett I take exception to referring to West Virginia as "God Forsaken". I am a Texan born and bred, but I consider WV a home away from home. I've driven from Texas to WV over 6 times (7 after this event) and I've never regretted it. Why does Blenko not link to this blog? Why don't you ask the Blenko webmaster? We have received numerous replies from Blenko collectors across the country, many will be there and some cannot. We know and understand this is causing some hardship, but if you cannot join us, plan for next year. BTW if you ever need to find this blog, google blenko blog it's the first one to show up. To get more info visit http://www.blenkocollectorssociety.com/

Anonymous said...

What's the old saying about killing the messenger? This is supposed to be about an opportunity to have some end of summer fun. If you can't make it, I'm sorry for you, but I'll be there when they open the doors. We aren't talking about a whole week of events, just a couple of weekend days. Besides it's over a month away. You generally know if something can be done or not with a month's notice. If that's not enough planning time, then this wouldn't have worked out for you anyway. Keep the info coming Hillary, I'm getting jazzed about the whole thing.

I'm not a wealthy person, but I'll save my dollars and I'll make the trip. I don't care what the piece looks like, Blenko has not disappointed me before. If I have to wait until I see it to buy it, I'm sure I can wait. That will even give me more time to save my money for it.

I have no trouble at all finding your link. It's saved as my home page.

Anonymous said...

Bridgett -
From reading the Blog
I know Hillary is
a 4th year Med Student
As a post doc (8th year)
student, let me say
you cannot imagine the
time constrains med students
live with.
Hillary s devotion to her state
and Blenko is quiet odd. An unusual selfless way
to spend down time.
Sweetdoc - I recall reading
your comments about her dedication
to the glass and WV.
May I suggest since we now know
she is not a Blenko employee,
Must admit I just assumed she was.
Hillary is doing one hell of a good job
as a community service informing us about
glass making, events in WV, the history
of Glass making is WV, and sometimes
old cars and old men who are artist.
For me the blog is a twice a week indulgence
I enjoy the blog with my coffee
and pretzel every few days.
It seems she ask only that you buy Blenko and or
made in USA, and send your photos, and comments,
she diligently seeks answers and seems polite.
Let us also treat her with respect.

nick said...

how much for the vase?
how much to join the club?
will you be there for aug 21-23?
I agree with bridgett
the website should have this listed and also new blenko club listed confusing?
There should be a dozen blenko clubs, one for each state even.
Also one month is advance notice.
Bridgett you must have one fine busy life.
Try prozac, or hormone pills for your frustration.

Anonymous said...

Just when I get tempted to start a blog, I read an aggressive message of someone frustrated or angry. The internet can be so faceless anonymous that we lose our manners. Please don't make Hillary regret providing this pro-bono service of being the liaison between Blenko and the world. Let's make things happen by taking the bull by the horns and contacting the appropriate people, not shooting the messenger.

If you have ever been to the Blenko factory, visitors' center, world headquarters, you will see that it is a very humble place where every extra dime is spent on quality of the product, NOT on luxuries, frills, and other details. They have a 20th century business, stepping slowly into the 21st. They are still American owned and not much is these days.

Bridgett, what is your relationship with WV to call it God forsaken? Describe a place (on earth) that is, in your perspective, God filled? I'm curious.

Thanks to all of you who have come to Hillary's defense. She doesn't deserve the wrath of Blenko fans frustrated with the Collector's Club.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the recent comments,I'm baffled. I can't imagine why anyone would think Hillary is a Blenko employee, since she has said many times she's a dental student!
Tim, I know how hard you are working to get the Collectors group back together. I've also seen your loaded car going back to Texas, and you do buy!
Why would one consider WV godforsaken? I come from Michigan, I feel very much at home and look forward to being back in August. Saving my pennies to do so and do some shopping is going to be my vacation this year. I can't think of any place I would rather be August 21 - 23.
See you there, Tim, and maybe even Hillary will get to come.

Car Girl

Ram said...

Hillary most of us know about your selfless contribution to Blenko for its promotion and devoting all your spare time for it all the time and WVU Alumni magazine has recognised your efforts and we all appreciate you hard work ..

You should be happy Hillary Blenko family is growing and they want to know more and be there to support Blenko and buy Blenko glass and its natural to have lil bit of you know in family so its alright ..

I have really enjoyed beautiful pics and catching up reading other blogs...


bridgett said...

I worked in West Virginia, Ky, Ohio tri state area for 6 months staying mostly in Bellafonte KY and traveling. So believe me I know the area.
I will apologize to Hilary, I didn't mean to be disrespectful or belligerent.
Daily visit, have site bookmarked, and learn consistently about glass and enjoy the chatter.
sign me
MD/JD in New England

bridgett said...

Also I was disappointed to learn of this late
as I want to become a part of this group.

Anonymous said...

It is not Hillary's fault that the notice is short. The Festival of Glass is a last minute event. The Blenko Collector's Society cancelled their event for this year so the Factory decided to offer another option. We appologize for the short notice and hope that you will be able to attend. Thank You for your support!

Blenko Glass Company