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Saturday, July 19, 2008

WVa Dental Association

This weekend the West Virginia Dental Association is having its annual meeting at the GREENBRIER.
http://www.greenbrier.com/site/ The Greenbrier, an award winning, five-diamond luxury resort and hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, featuring three world championship golf ... I had not been to the GREENBRIER in the last 7 years, we were last there for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary weekend.
I'll post photos - IF I can borrow a camera - mine died in Pa last weekend.

2008 Annual Session of the West Virginia Dental Association
July 20, 2008 - July 22, 2008
White Sulphur Springs


Anonymous said...

I sent note to Blenko and Editor that they should provide you with a decent laptop and a decent camera immediately.
Another plan is I can let you borrow both.

nick said...

Greenbrier very expensive taste
Ms. Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Sol: Thank you for your efforts to support the hard work of wonderful Miss Hillary! You are living up to your Spanish name-- SUNSHINE! Indeed, Hillary deserves a laptop and (high resloution) camera. Perhaps The Huntington Herald Dispatch could offer these items (as opposed to Blenko).

Stay on the sunny side................

Anonymous said...

The Greenbrier is NO LONGER a 5 Star HOTEL
get your Facts Straight Young Lady.
A Greenbrier County Resident.

bridgett said...

Lewisburg is known for many things, all of them beautiful and quiet by nature

Dr.BOB said...

If you like Greenbrier living
my recommendation is to go up the
hill to the Law School and Husband Hunt!
Those Lawyers are the ones now
making the big $$$ and they can afford what we docs and you dentist can't.