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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Do You Daily Use Your Blenko?

Fireplace with Etched Blenko Glass - Henry Miller chairs with Vintage Blenko hourglass and lamp.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Women of Design": Does anyone use their Blenko ? I see photos of shelves of Blenko but no real design.I have my new purchases in boxes as I decide where to place them. Help! If your Blenko is on display send a photo or send me a link to your photo.Anna Warton Publish this comment.

I use my Blenko tableware daily and Blenko is on display in my apartment. These photos are from the new Columbus place - but it'll give you a photo of Blenko in use. I'm certain other readers will have better photos. Please send your photos to theblenkoproject@aol.com for publication in the Heart of Glass. hjh


Anonymous said...

When did Blenko make that hour glass?
I think it is not Blenko, I saw this item in a Decorator Shop a few years back.
Glass lady you are trying to fool us.
No hour glasses in Blenko line.

Anonymous said...

Did the chairs shown in this photo come from Top O Rock? The Elden estate?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

My questio is - if WV is so wonderful why go to Ohio for dentistry?
Bob H.

Anonymous said...

Clicked on the photos for enlargement purposes, the glass has some design is this a new blenko design work? or is it vintage blenko?

Anonymous said...

where in columbus?
Hilly I am in Columbus very frequently I can visit.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Blenko did make my hourglass it is signed by WHBlenko dated 7/80.
No my chairs are not from the Elden estate. The small danish side table is.
WVU is a wonderful school. I received a great education. Thank you for your comment.
The glass is etched glass, WVU and OSU Dent Glass if I can find an individual photo I'll publish.
You may visit when it snows in August.

Anonymous said...

Great, no wonderful awesome photos of your blenko in use.
My own pieces are small but around the house and I take out with the various seasons.
I have orange or halloween, green for St Patty and Red for Xmas and Vday. Pink is new for me and I use this glass in my pink and grey bath room.
Photos will be coming.

Anonymous said...

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glassbug said...

Is correct very dull boring
apartment, you do need art and color.
Send her art Janis and I'll send her a gift card for paint.
Perhaps also a gift card for some
match service, you keep rejecting Dr Sol. Whats up with this?

Anonymous said...

I'm in Delaware Ohio
as its cheaper where did you find an affordable place w/ fireplace?
Lucky you.

lewisdvmphd said...

Were you on High Street this past weekend?
If you were, and you weren't wearing a red flower
Sol and I spotted you.
We were having our monthly guys weekend.
If you weren't on High Street, you have a double.
My answer to Bob H's question would be : OSU College of Dent is rated about 25 X higher than WVU check this out, also a woman is entitled to the best education she can qualify for.
OSU excells in all areas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, Blenko did make hour glasses as well as half hour glasses. I have had the fortune of owning both. As a matter of fact my most recent one was bought at a local yard sale. It had a new sticker on it and I have seen them in the VC before.

Anonymous said...

Will you send photos, do yours look like the photo Hilary is showing?

sweetdoc said...

Did you find the sunburst clock?
A george nelson big saucer hanging light would be nice in the modern apartment.
Check out Floyd's Modern in Cincinnatti.

Hillary J Homburg said...

WV Janis
I am lacking art works.
and Glassbug I'm n o t a l l o w e d to paint the apt.