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Monday, May 11, 2009

Most Extreme Sport of Art World - Tony Patti

Dent School has taken a big chunk of my time the last 4 years - so much that I have a folder of 'to do ' things for Glass.
Tony Patti has coined the phrase 'Most Extreme Sport of Art Glass' for the art of glass blowing, I'm certain the men at Blenko - Rider and Crew would agree it is an appropriate phrase.
Tony has the #1 website - devoted to Glass blowing - each time I visit, time seems to stop and three or four hours later I realize I must close the site.
After graduation (5/16) I promise more information - but in the mean time visit the site.
Tony sent this email and link which I want to share today with you.

When I read the phrase "enliven the museum experience" it makes me think of the ballet of our "most extreme sport of the art world" in hot shop glassblowing,and glassblowing is perhaps the only art where watching a piece of glass being made is a captivating visual experience,as can be seen in the popularity of CMOG's Hot Glass Show.http://www.cmog.org/dynamic.aspx?id=10145
Tony Pattiwww.glassblower.infogaffer@glassblower.info


bone said...

NO I just stayed 45 minutes while I should be seeing patients. Bad, bad, hilary. No more links. Please.
Also no more list of places to buy.

Anonymous said...

Glasslady we need to stop our blog match making for you and focus on finding a computer engineer for you.
Bad link for Tony Patti
it was an email I had to google the man.
Tsk Tsk
your finals are over - No?

Anonymous said...

This is the correct address now make the correction.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Chitra I am very pleased to learn you bloggers, most all unknown to me, have given up on match making for me.
Thank you! I am only 24, and have no desire to be 'hooked up'.
Now about the computer engineer - the blenko website and blog could use a good volunteer, is this your career and are you volunteering?