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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


For 18 months now I am asking where is Rick Blenko? You don't respond. I went to the Holiday Sale, saw Mr. Bill and Mr. Walter but it ain't the same with out Rick.
What is he up to, is he healthy? Is he in WV? I can not be the only person asking you these questions. Is he making glass? Is he promoting other glass? Or is he involved with PBS? What is he doing? Blenko Glass without Rick or a Blenko at the helm doesn't seem right.
Mountain Rita.
You are not alone in asking about Richard, although you are the most persistent in asking questions. Richard stays very busy traveling, spending time with family and friends, involved in community affairs and working as always on many projects. Last weekend his family was at the Huntington Mall supporting a family friend during her book signing.

Rick Blenko and Katie Lee (ex-Mrs. Billie Joel) - cook book author - Huntington Mall book signing


Anonymous said...

Oh Mountain Rita
did you also miss
Don Linly?
Did you miss the out of
work glass workers?
Did you or do you miss the men who left to work other places during the Dec layoff?
Why Rick?

Anonymous said...

Rick Blenko will always be the face of Blenko.
PBS attracted my friends and I to Blenko, Rick did the PBS.
By the way, Rick still looks very very fine!
Thank you for asking Mountain Rita, we failed to ask but had questions.

Anonymous said...

Are you recommending the cookbook?
What is your favorite receipte in this book?

Anonymous said...

I heard Lemley was over at Dave Osborns glass talking to him. I wonder if they are going to team up. I think those guys together could hurt Blenko. Because dave can make anything and Lemley knows all about glass from batch to selling it. What do you guys think? Hillary email him and ask him.

susan said...

Being savy enough to marry an ancient piano player with mega dollars and then turn this lemon into lemonade is talent enough for me.
Kudos to Katie Lee and anyother lady wise enough for these moves.

Anonymous said...

Eventually all the good Blenko workers will be at Osburn Glass.
If you are interested in quality, handcrafted, small pots, good control and people with experience then Osburn is the place.
They don't have to hire those without knowledge or experience.
Wonder why?
Sign me
A long time fan of Osburn Chapman Harmon
and others who left

Anonymous said...

Did stain glass at blenko close?
I am confused.
Is this Don Lemley from your articles?
Connie B.

Anonymous said...

The stained glass might as well be closed, if you know exactly what you want or need its ok, but if you have any questions forget it. The people over there now are lost. I just don't see how this is good for the company.

Anonymous said...

saw this girl on Bonnie yesterday, the man wasn't with her.

Dr.BOB said...

What happen to the article Tammie Kusla was writing? I'll bet same thing that happen to my BCS application