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Monday, December 28, 2009

It Was The Night Before Christmas . . . .

Each year on the 24th my parents and I share a Christmas tradition that include: last minute shopping then home to new pajamas and robe for each of us, snacking on finger foods, watching a Christmas movie, my Dad will then read the classic childrens story 'Tis Was The Night Before Christmas."

The time is 12:00 Christmas Eve we finished the last minute shopping, and on our way home, actually 2 blocks from our home , w h e n we were involved in a car crash. Someone slowed to turn left on to Beach, as a car suddenly& quickly drove down Edgewood Drive and drive #1 had to stop, then driver #2 a van applied breaks and driver #3 applied breaks - all in all three cars were damaged. My Dad's 2008 Benz a Holiday gift from a year or so ago was badly damaged - the Benz just crumpled, my Dad couldn't open his door, fluids were coming from the car by what seemed like buckets. My Dad who is 60+ had never been involved in an accident before this, not even a fender bender. He was just 'in shock', my Mom and I veterans of accidents were a little more calm, this one happen so quickly, we were going less than 25 miles per hour and the car crumpled.

The good news is other than having my glasses broken, and a scratch between the eyes. NO ONE was hurt. Everyone kept cool, no one was happy to have this be their Christmas Eve, but all three drivers and the passengers were pleasant to one another.

As our car was being towed away - - - - My Mom was dialing the phone for help, I learned even the Airport Car Rental Stores close at noon on Xmas eve? My Mom then called our State Farm Agents office to report the accident and was told by Marylin (an office worker) to call back after 5pm and the voice mail would take her directly to State Farm 800 number, she (Marylin) didn't know the number! The time was 12:15! We later found humor in the State Farm office workers response, h o w e v e r, I doubt that I'll be a lifelong State Farm customer. My parents have been insured by State Farm Insurance for almost 35 years ( car accident free), the response to this accident from Marylin or lack of response . . . well . . . .I expect either to be connected to an 800 number or to have the 'person' respond with some compassion & or information.

Several hours later as my Dad read our Christmas Story . . . . I thought about the people without electric power, my Mingo County family who has been without electricity for 9 days, the homeless, the unemployed, the soldiers away from home, those without family or faith.

Today let us all rejoice in the reason for the season, and be compassionate, giving and kind to everyone. Wait, can we try this for the entire year of 2010? Let us resolve to be patient, compasionate, giving and kind to everyone.

A Late "Merry Christmas To You And Your Family!"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

go to caraccidents.com
Mercedes Benz are not as safe as you might think. They are sold as the safest cars however more deadly crashes happen in Benz.
With any luck your Dads car will be totalled and you can buy a Ford.
Sam T.

Phani said...

B and I am very sorry about the accident and are touched by the story. We are glad that no one is hurt. I saw the Benz when I was in WV last June and its a pity. I always thought Benz's are safe and I guess accidents could happen to anyone and I was in a similar one in 05. We wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Blenko Blenko Blenko

Anonymous said...

I have extra cars, let me know what you need, I'll personally drive the car to Charleston.
Sorry to hear of the accident, very good to know you were not injured.

Anonymous said...

the good hands of ALL STATE!

Anonymous said...

Yes. People who read this blog should be nicer with comments.
No more slandering the product or the office.
Nice is the key word here.
Alice H.

Dr.BOB said...

We left State Farm in 2000 shortly after our first claim. They eventually paid but the process left us feeling we needed to have a new agent or company. My best wishes for a happy resolution like Phani we are delighted to learn you are without injury.
Without you the world would be a much duller, darker place.
Continue with the 'cheerleading' WV Glass no make that American Glass needs all the attention we can give.

Anonymous said...

Call me I am worried about you.

Anonymous said...

Your childhood and your life always seem so perfect.
Color me jealous.

Anonymous said...

So glad to know all of you are fine. Cars are just sheet metal, and in the right circumstances any can be totaled, people are harder to repair!
Here in Michigan I have had several friends with the same experience with State Farm, I dropped them decades ago.
A most happy New Year to all.
Car Girl

Hillary J Homburg said...

Hey - No more bashing State Farm.
Our agent Jay Nesbit has been wonderfuul.
If there is a problem with payment or issue but I don't expect problems.

sweetdoc said...

My thoughts are after the settlement you will not 'think' your State Farm agent is wonderful.
Let me know if they pay for your broken glases or the cosmetic surgeon who should see and repair the scratch.

Anonymous said...

JA and I are both resolving to be patient but productive and loving and compassionate and caring, unless you want the same vintage Blenko glass then all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

Car girl
sheet metal? how old are you?
plastic, plastic, plastic.
Ted E

Anonymous said...

Ted E,
Street cars, plastic. The vintage sports car racing I'm involved with, it's sheet metal. Unless it's Corvettes.
Car Girl

Hillary J Homburg said...

I know both you and Cargirl, her Dr Oz 'real age' would be under 25 - and her birth age
also makes her younger than you my dear Ted.
By the way - I also covet vintage cars, and wish I owned a car made of sheet metal

bone said...

Life is so precious, and fragile much like glass. Blenko Glass.
Often this is forgotten until its too late.
Your appreciation of life and all living things is what I most admire about you.
Your compassion for all is
unusual and captures my interest.