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Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday I was rinsing out my very, very favorite purple vase that belonged to my grandmother...and most stupidly I ran hot water into it. The bottom popped out having cracked from too quick temperature change. Literally it made me sick to my stomach and tears were free flowing. Anyway, I have obsessively searched Blenko books in antique stores today (somehow I sensed it was a Blenko) and found the exact vase, #6712, designed by Joel Myers in 1969. It is the barbell shape, 11 1/4 " tall with the applied spiral in the middle. Mine is plum glass. Luckily the break was clean and at the bottom of the vase where the purple is dark and the glass is thick. I did glue it back together, but knowing I've basically ruined it kills me.

I am desperate to find another one just like it. Is it ridiculous to think I might be able to locate one? I might consider other colors it was produced in. I realize it is highly collectible after my research, though I never would have sold mine. Knowing its high value does compound my grief, but it was really priceless to me. Any help or suggestions you have will be so appreciated.

I am truly heartbroken.
Many thanks,
Hope Hollingsworth
Roanoke, Va


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. If this had been posted last week I could have directed you to one in turquoise that was currently listed on ebay, but that auction ended on Suday. Thermal shock is just deadly to Blenko bodies and handles in particular. I learned this the hard way with an Anderson 991 pitcher I was attempting to clean about seven years ago. I had "hot" water attempting to loosen some water stains when I heard that awful "pop" sound. These Myers pieces do come up on Ebay with some frequency but finding one in "Plum" will be a challenge. You might try the various on-line sites that appeared in this blog a few weeks ago.
Good luck

buckndi said...

I would recommend you send your vase to Wayne Montano to get it professionally repaired. Send him photos of the damage, he will let you know what he can and can't do to fix the vase. Check their website at: http://www.montanosglassrepair.com/

And send photos when it's fixed!


Anonymous said...


annu said...

My best wishes and prayers for you to replace the vase, the memories of your grandmother will be with you always, the memories are priceless.
Thank you for sharing. If you find a replacement let us know.
Do you have other Blenko, or American Glass?
On this blog we enjoying 'show and tell'.

sweetdoc said...

We own this is in an odd green and an orange.
I was told the orange wasn't in the catalog.

sweetdoc said...

If Diane is correct and you can repair, why not keep the one that was owned by your family.
Then buy news one in other colors.
Beautiful design.

susan said...

Please write to tell us
if you find another glass
if you have your glass repaired
and if you have other old glass
write to say you'll photograph and