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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blenko Glass Blog

I have 2 questions. #1) Is this the best link for the Blenko Glass Heart of Glass blog?


#2) My comments do not appear, what words must I use, are there words that automatically delete my comments?

Also why not publish photos of new Blenko items? Why focus on the old stuff?
Not that it isn't nice, but if it isn't sold at Blenko why focus on the article?
Alice H.


Anonymous said...

I frequently have difficulty with the location of this website.
The site is no longer available with a search of the word Blenko.
Did you again change the address?

Tim said...

Hi Alice I'm not the blog owner but I will try to help. Here is the url for Hillary's blog:

As for words in your comments I don't think that would help. Hillary is very busy and has several irons in the fire these days. I'm sure there are days when she is even able to check her email, let alone here blog. My best advice - Keep trying.

As far as old vs. new designs I talk to friends about classic cars for the same reason. I can admire the design and workmanship of an older automobile even though Detroit has not made that design in decades. We are speaking about the golden era of Blenko. I'm sure if you only buy Blenko at the factory these older pieces are not as relevant to you, but to those of us who shop at flea markets, garage and tag sales and eBay these older pieces are more desirable than what is currently being produced. Just an issue of personal taste.

Phani said...



is the new website for the blog and

is the new corresponding RSS addy.

Bridgett, Hope everything is OK down there. barely see your comments these days.

bridgett said...

In 1999 as a med resident I met Rick Blenko in South Carolina. This was the moment I became a collector of 'old' Blenko.
In 2002 as a Law Student - yes I am addicted to education - a mentor offered me his Mother's collection of American Glass. As his wife didn't value American Glass. I began to do research, my love of American Glass grew, in 2005 or 2006 I discovered this Blog and my fascination with Blenko surfaced once again.
In my positon with Public Health I have traveled world wide, My devotion to American Glass remains strong.
May I suggest you visit the WV Glass Museum in Weston, if after viewing these spectacular items made in WV and American you will desire to own a collection of
old or vintage glass.
Well what can I say?
My knowledge is limited and I admit this. Alice, purchase old glass carefully, people pretend to have great knowledge of glass. One of two thing that keeps me reading this blog is Glassdoc's ability and willingness to say "I don't know everything or very much, but I am willing to ask questions and attempt to get answers for readers." I like knowing when I send a question or photo - the answer will not come in 3 minutes and involve guessing.
The other is sharing this love of handcrafted things with love ones.
Re: #1) blog address, I also have great difficulty with the change of address and loss of priority linking with yahoo search.
#2) photos of older glass and little mention of new glass.
Blenko doesn't have a full time designer, Blenko is running with less than a whole crew and 3-4 days a week. If the truth is known few new designs are being made.
I'm grateful to Glassdoc for daily publishing the blog, also grateful to WVJAN, Bruce,Larry T, Phani and others for photos, comments and for allowing me to stay up to date on a product I value.

sweetdoc said...

Why do they move the blogs?
Why are no comments showing.

Phani said...


It was a long time ago. I was just making sure the RSS is set right as the one which HJH provided when the blog moved (few months ago) was wrong.