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Saturday, July 03, 2010

“When I die, West Virginia will be written on my heart.” - Robert C. Byrd (1917-2010)

Quotes and photos from the crowd at the Memorial for Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), the longest serving member of congress, at the WV State Capitol complex on 7/2/10.

"The best way that I can describe the senator is as the Architect of Appalachia. He is the most historic figure to ever call West Virginia home, and will forever live in our hearts and those of our children. No one can replace our senator. No one can fill his shoes; we must never forget his tireless dedication as we humbly follow in his footsteps." - Govenor Manchin

"As far as he was concerned, there was no such thing as too much for West Virginia. But the one thing he would not do, even for you, is violate his sense of what was required to maintain the integrity of the Constitution and the integrity of the United States Senate, so that America could go on when we were wrong, as well as right." - Former President Clinton

“Like the Constitution he tucked in his pocket, like our nation itself, Robert Byrd possessed that quintessential American quality, and that is a capacity to change, a capacity to learn, a capacity to listen, a capacity to be made more perfect,” President Obama
The people of West Virginia will forever miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Lewis said the girl with the red flower and black dress standing near where we were seated was You
However I said No way! She's in Columbus until 8/1/2010.
We came over to speak after but you vanished.