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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glass artist- James Byrnes: Handmade christmas ornaments

James F. Byrnes is a local glass artist from State College, Pennsylvania. He used to make scientific glass instruments. Now a days, he specializes in hand made christmas ornaments. Below are some pictures of him and his creations. Apart from lampworking, he also blows hot glass. Although, most of the blown glass he makes is donated for charity auctions.

You can own his creations through his website. If you like his christmas ornaments, please purchase. Support your local artists and buy made in USA.

In his own words:
For 30 years I earned my living as a scientific glassblower making laboratory apparatus. During that time I always enjoyed making decorative glass items, which utilize the same basic skill set as scientific ware. Glass is such a free flowing material that it seems a shame to use it only for items of strict function. My artistic goal is to combine my creative desire for design and aesthetic with the structural integrity of laboratory glass ware, to produce items which bring lasting pleasure.
Jim Byrnes

Lampworking demonstration at Corning Museum of Glass

Glass blowing

Ornaments on lamp

Ornaments outdoors
Confetti ornament

Spindle bubble gum/white 


Please mention blenko project when you make purchase. I know him, and shadow his hot glass blowing. 

Website of James F Byrnes
Creations of James F Byrnes
Facebook page of James F Byrnes


Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
I like that you on occasion step away from FACTORY Glass.

Anonymous said...

Check this out, these ornaments are 37.50 I paid $40 for three little fifty cent size disc from Blenko last year.
Beautiful ornaments.
Bruce this is one for your collection.

Anonymous said...

These ornaments are about 1.5 X 1.5 X 6 inches. Do get them for your ornament collection. If you get them, do mention blenko project.


Anonymous said...

$37 is a great price for a piece of handcrafted glass.
Exceptional photo.
Gloria Dodd

Anonymous said...

must have for any glass collector.