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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

MIT's most popular class isn't what you think

From Blog Friend Toni P

MIT's most popular class isn't what you think
Deep underneath MIT there lies a subterranean laboratory, one which lay moldering and forgotten for years. These days, however, it is a place of wondrous sights and sounds — and one that plays host to MIT's most over-subscribed class.

The lab in question is known as the MIT Glass Lab. And the course in question is glass blowing. Students from all across the institute, regardless of their field of study, are able to sign up for the course. And though there is no credit offered for taking glass blowing at MIT, the introductory class is so popular that students must participate in a lottery to take the course.

Over the years, students from every focus on offer at MIT have taken glass blowing, each of them bringing a bit of their own field into the lab with them. A couple of years ago, for example, a music major who was taking part in the glass-blowing class wondered what might happen if a glass band were to be formed, utilizing creations made in the glass lab. This year, with all manner of glass implements in hand, that band materialized. To see and hear some of their creations, as well as plenty of other works made in the MIT glass lab, check out the


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Anonymous said...

they had one at PSU too, now they stopped it.