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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Difference between YOUR STUFF and My Collections?

This is my Oral Surgery Rotation - its exciting, I didn't expect to enjoy this rotation, its my last of the semester. The days are long, but with each set of patients come a wealth of knowledge. This is what 'I love' - I love learning, on this rotation I feel each day, I learn something, some beginning skill, or just a piece of knowledge that I can file for the future.

No! I don't plan to do an oral surgery specialty. This is just a required rotation! But the experience has been great! Next week I have EXAMS and then 3 weeks off! Most of the 3 weeks, I'll be in a study cubicle at WVU- CAMC Library in preparation of my next Boards.

At a dinner party last week, I heard the host couple (my friends)
arguing about their condo being to full of STUFF! His take was She has too many things, and of course she's certain he is a hoarder.
It started me thinking - whats the difference between STUFF and Collections?
Many BLENKO and West Virginia Glass Collectors have more than enough Glass, but we are always searching for one or two special items. Between studying for my oral surgery exam which is an oral exam in front of 3 residents and 2 attending physicians - however -the Stuff vs Collections
issue kept creeping back into my head.

My own answer was : Collections have LIFE! We can tell a story with each piece, I found this #12 at the Cabin Creek Estate of John Smith in 2002. Or whatever! STUFF is well JUST STUFF!
I'm interested in your answers! How do you define Collection vs Stuff? hjh


Anonymous said...

As you progress in life
you discover the ability to
write off items as deductions.
In my mind, when I can
legally write it off then that is a collection for my offices.
I will let you know what my accountant thinks of my new Blenko addiction!

Anonymous said...

Oh Modest One. HJH are you modest or is it an act? This is a big question.
A Charleston buddy sent me copy of
the CENTER oct 2007 nice pic and words about you.
Another buddy gave me a Mag with your photo this week. You failed to mention these in blog.
As my Blenko interest is well known.

Anonymous said...


sweetdoc said...

You should not ask these questions.
We start collecting, because you peak an interest, then you ask: 'is it stuff, or a collection?'
We are buying what appeals to us. We are giving things we like but don't love or the colors don't work with the room.
We have bought too many things, and now go to Blenko weekly.
Is there a 12 step program at some point you will recommend?

westvirginiajanis said...

Collections are assemblages that can be arranged systematically. Collections have a theme. Collections evoke passion and expertise.

Stuff is belongings of an indeterminate kind. Stuff is not something that can be categorized easily in the mind, or in a house for that matter. Stuff, however can be assimilated into a collection, in the right hands. Therefore, stuff vs. collection is in the eye of the owner. Stuff is easier to part with than collections. Stuff gets donated to the Goodwill Store. Collections are sold. So, if nobody will give you any money for it, chances are, it is STUFF!

Once, I was in an antique store and saw a retired couple checking out at the register. Now, I’ve been at this collecting for a long time and to quote one of my relatives, I “collect just about everything” and know a lot about a lot. Well, in this one antique store, upon seeing a pile of seemingly random items, I had to ask, “Excuse me, but may I ask you what you collect?” The husband and wife beamed. She said, “I collect iron maidens.” Those were her exact words. She defined iron maidens as any statue of a woman made out of metal. Her husband said he collected anything he could adhere to the top of the canes that he hand carved (decanter stoppers, corkscrews, marbles, small figurines, etc.). So, I learned that day that one person’s stuff is another person’s collection!

Recently, in a remote Goodwill Store in a small community, I found a piece of Blenko glass for 25 cents. STUFF to the donator and to the Goodwill Store. Part of a COLLECTION for me!

Anonymous said...

Stuff usually makes you sigh in frustration. Collections usually bring a big smile. Stuff you usually try to get rid of. Collections always need to be placed in the perfect spot. Stuff is always silent. Collections always have stories to tell.


Hillary J Homburg said...

West Virginia Janis
Thank you for the eloquent response.

Hillary J Homburg said...

I haven't seen the articles
Email Theblenkoproject@aol.com with the magazine title and page # please.

andreendo said...

There will be one less reader of your blog for a few weeks. I am off to Europe for the Holiday.
I agree with wvguy what women own is usually stuff.

Anonymous said...

Comment about the new online edition.
Much more information and a good layout.
Problem is now I can click to this blog from that page it only has 5 blogs and this one isn't listed.
Are you now a private blog?

Dr.BOB said...

Stuff is what they sell on Ebay!
Collections = my stuff, or items I want to be mine.
Stuff = not my stuff, things not belonging or being desired by me.
I'm being careful here, don't want our vet friend to start calling you 'a future collection.'

westvirginiajanis said...

Tim said in five lines what I rambled on about for four paragraphs! I love the notion that "stuff is silent and collections have stories to tell." So true. We can talk forever about our collections! Tim, you must be a poet.

Janis (as in westvirginiajanis)

jedijawa said...

Cool train of thought!

Dr.BOB said...

I thought your comments were very good and not rambling but expansive
Hilary in her last paragraph and Tim in his comments
said it " collections have a story to tell" you also had a story to tell and one that kept my interest.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this column?
Stuff is what belongs to my
family, my office mates, others.
Collections are things I hold dear, the assortment of empty beer bottles from across the USA, the old WVU football programs from 1970 to 2007, you know important items. Items that will someday be desired by the auctioneer.
Hillary its all Stuff and you are encouraging us to get more Stuff.
Shame on You.
Terry Miller
Iam linking you to the WVU Mountaineer Sports Page.