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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Small Paws Rescue - Make a Donation in the name of a loved one

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Christmas Puppies? Are you purchasing a puppy this year? Ruth Ginzberg says it all so eloquently - all the reasons NOT to purchase or give a dog or cat for Xmas in her article entitled: NO CHRISTMAS PUPPIES, PLEASE!

Copyright © 1993, Ruth Ginzberg

My Family was introduced to SMALL PAWS RESCUE by Debra Graham an attorney who works with my Dad. It was over 6 years ago - I don't know how many dogs we have transported, vetted, played some small part in their recovery - even if it was just being part of a prayer chain. I know Debra Graham has personally been responsible for hundreds , she is on the board of directors at the Kanawha Animal Shelter and donates all her free time to animal rights issues. At this time of year the Animal Shelters, and the Rescue Groups such as SMALL PAWS need donations. If you are looking for a charity or just have a few extra dollars consider helping those in need. All donations to SMALL PAWS are used for the direct support and care of the animals. The staff is mostly made up of volunteers like my folks and Debra Graham. People who care deeply about Animals. If YOU can Help, please do so! Its TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Contact your local Animal Shelter or click on the Link to Small Paws.

Below are before and after photos of a dog rescued from a Commercial Kennel auction.

The mission of Small Paws® Rescue Inc., a charitable, Federal not-for-profit organization, is to rescue and supply any Bichon Frise or Bichon mix, nationwide, regardless of age or medical condition, with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services through local veterinarians until permanent placement is secured into a prescreened loving home, as long as the dog is not dangerous to humans or other dogs.

Small Paws® Rescue Inc. is composed of approximately 6000 people in 20 countries, and over eight hundred volunteers across America. Our volunteers are willing to foster, transport, or otherwise assist in this massive rescue effort.

Small Paws® Rescue has rescued, vetted and rehomed over 5300 Bichons since it's inception in September of 1998. Small Paws® Rescue is the largest organized Bichon Frise rescue organization in the country today.


Anonymous said...

as a Vet this is the best piece of information you could ever give someone.
I am not familar with SPR but any local rescue group or SPR if you know them - I did donate last year in your name -
Animals need to be treated with dignity.
Xmas or holidays are not a good time to adopt a new family member.
Take time to study the bred, know the breder, and ask your Vet for help with the decison.
Thank you for this column.

Dr.BOB said...

Ms. Homburg
You will make someone very happy if your passion for glass and animals is an indication of your ability to love.
Excellent article, one of our family members purchased a puppy 3 years ago from unnamed pet store in mall. By May they were looking to rehome the dog. It came with bad behaviors and illness. The event was tramatic for the child and his family. Best Suggestion go to the Breeders Home and See the Puppy. Buy in Summer when there is no other big activy.
If this prevents one person from purchasing, or having the experience of failure, when they must give up a sick, maladaptive, not well bred animal. There will be a special place for you and your Small Paws friends in Heaven, If there is a Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I know that puppy in the picture. It is hard to think he was ever mistreated. Such a wonderful part of the family, he keeps everyone loved.

Anonymous said...

Just love that puppy. Hope Santa is good to him.

Ram said...

There should be strict law to restrict and take appropriate action against those breeder whose sole interest is money and does that for business and people who just takes the animals but can not take care of them afterwards should not be allowed.

Like driving is a privilege not a right adopting/owning pets should be made like that too.
Should have the similar law like adopting human babies its almnost same.

last month I was reading a article on net where they published figures of the number of dogs put to sleep evey month..
They put pictures of dog and gives details of when the dog will be put to sleep and if no one adopts the dog in that time frame they kill them and put the information there

This really made feel so bad

sorry being lil provocative here


Hillary J Homburg said...

You were not too provocative.
It should be a criminal act - I think perhaps it is but not enough $$ to properly enforce the laws.

Anonymous said...