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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, December 31, 2007



Today I'm going to post the remainder of the 'Photos You Sent'
and just ramble.

1. Recently I had coffee with my Blogger Guru Chris.
When the Herald ask me to Blog, I ask for names of blogs to read, and Chris' blog was one of a dozen suggested. In the last year,he has listen to me complain, solved most all my
problems and become a good friend. (note: thanks to his very cute and wise girlfriend
( Kay ) he has become a BLENKO collector. I was gonna post a photo, but - Chris has one
posted so visit his site today!

2. ERIC EYRE - my neighbor and an award winning journalist, has another informative article
in the DEC 31, Charleston Gazette- Section D. WEST VIRGINIA 47th in Dentist Visits . Eric Eyre not only writes like a Pulitzer prize winner, he immerses himself in the topic and becomes
an expert on the subject. He is AWESOME. You will find yourself awaiting the next ERIC
EYRE series. Eric has tackled the subject of Dental Health and West Virginia.
Recently I saw an announcement that the WEST VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE was going to
make ORAL HEALTH a major topic this session. Perhaps due to the publics awareness being
raised by Eric Eyre articles. http://wvgazette.com/section/News/200712303

3. The Blenko Project Board is now up and almost running - we have a great group of
professional men and women who generously are volunteering to assist. http://www.blenkoproject.org/

4. My Christmas baking is scheduled for Jan 3rd - I'm running behind this year! Who said 'better late than never?'

5. This Holiday has gone much too fast! I started to study for my Part II National Boards -
this visiting friends, finding new places to eat, taking care of the dogs, and having family visit
was the main components in my Holiday.

6. SOUTHERN KITCHEN - did anyone get to the Mountaineer Auction House for the auction? My friends and I have spent many evenings in the corner booth playing board games, & or
desserts etc. after dance shows. If you were lucky enough to purchase a 'piece' of the
Southern Kitchen send a photo.

7. My Dad's Mercedes Benz (actually the story is he bought the car for my Mom) - but anyway
my Dad's E- 350 Capri blue Blue Tec arrived on 12/28 and he has been very excited. My Mom
says: he was sure Janis Joplin was singing to him when she sang "won't you buy me a
Mercedes Benz" and he's wanted one for about a decade. His current ride is almost a
decade old. I think he was determined to drive this car until he could .
afford the Benz. IF he lets me drive the car, I'll post a photo of car with BLENKO! Two great
items - BLENKO GLASS and Mercedes Benz! Everyone should have both, I prefer lots of
BLENKO! http://www.mbusa.com/

8. THANK YOU for sending your photos - some were lost when I had the accident - I am today
posting all the photos I have from my READER FILE. Thank you for reading and for sending
the photos. if the photos aren't up come back - they'll be posted before days end.

9. This is actually a PS. Dr. S wants to have his glass identified - if you know anything about the
glass please send an email. He is offering 2 rewards. http://media.herald-dispatch.com/blog/blenko/2007/12/blenko-identification-deadline-dec-26th.html Deadline is changed to 1/8/02.

10. Ms. B and I are off to look for SNOW!


Anonymous said...

I for one like the non blenko comments.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Glass Lady.
Chris is a fortunate man,
how does one get invited for coffee or have the glass lady accept an invitation for coffee?

Anonymous said...

Read the Eric Eyre
articles and he is promoting
private dental hygiene health
this ms h would mean a major cut in your future income.
Rethink your attitude and start to
lobby re: this issue.

jedijawa said...

Man, I've been swamped and realized today that I forgot to comment on this one.

It was great meeting ya glass lady and hope to see you again some time when you have a free minute (which is rare I know).

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post.
Chris married my friend recently.
Great guy.
Nice post.