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Sunday, December 16, 2007

WVU Sports - Coach Rod

Things must be very slow - when people write to my blog for info about FOOTBALL! I love WVU sports - grew up with a father who hasn't missed a home game in over 50 years.

However, my knowledge of 'whats going on' is limited to dinner conversations with my Dad.

JediJawa - my friend and blogger has this to say about the situation.

I linked to his friend MIKE who seems to love WVU sports as much as my Dad - so I'm hoping you'll link to both these blogs to find info about Coach Rod and WVU Sports!

Saturday, December 15, 2007
say it isn't so rich...
I heard yesterday that coach RichRod is meeting with officials from the University of Michigan. This is after saying last year, after pulling this crap with Alabama and getting a large contract from WVU, that "I plan on being at West Virginia the rest of my career." We'll have to see what the state of WVU football will continue to be. Fellow blogger Mike has some thoughts about the situation.
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Anonymous said...

Coach ROD
knows he can't win a bowl game.
WVU will be better without him,
WVU will survive and continue to grow!
Just like Huggins, a football coach is awaiting WVU, this time we will choose a winner.

Dr.BOB said...

You some how avoid negative things don't ya!