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Friday, September 12, 2008

Glass Terminology -

Salton wrote to say he/she is confused by the Terminology use at Blenko "- whats the difference between lampwork and stain glass and torch or furnce? Its all greek"

To find a proper answer I emailed Mike Firth, Randy Rider, and Henry Halem.

The first response is whats printed here.
'TERMINOLOGY - I have noticed that there has been a shift in terminology of glass working in recent years. When I started being active, I recall 'stained glass' and 'glassblowing' being the terms with refinement to explain torch vs. furnace. 'Coldworking' was used for grinding away at furnace glass. 'Lampworking' crept back into the common vocabulary in the mid-90's and 'warm glass' leaped to attention about the time of the Tucson GAS Conference. In the last year or so, several of the schools have started using the term 'flat glass' along with lamp working and hot shop to designate stained glass, painting on glass, and abrasive blasting for architectural glass. Each set of terms has short changed some category, the latest combination leaving old traditional wheel and stone engraving kind of hanging out some place'. Hope this helps? If not give me a narrower question, please!
Note: Photo of BLENKO GLASS creations for special awards.


Phani said...

Waaaw...I like this post but dont like the glass. I'd like to know more about the terminology of information sake. I am not big in to that design, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Blenko Blenko blenko
nice trophy.

westvirginiajanis said...

I think these Blenko awards look better in person than they do in a photo. Glass is hard to photograph.

Let's all keep our Texas Blenko friends in our thoughts as they work through this storm. Let us know how you do. Between the storm and the fire in Milton and 9/11, this has not been the best week.

WV Janis

Dr.BOB said...

Thank you Salton, and also WVa Janis love the info and photos.
Did you ever get the photos from Larry of Texas' Shop? Upload them Hilary.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Larry from Texas is sending up a link to his website and blog - I'll also publish a post about his shop featuring the shop and his glass - when he has the time.
Keep coming back for these things.