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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Milton Flea Market Destroyed By Fire

Shorty Finley phoned me to say the Milton Flea Market is a complete 100% loss. Boyd Meadows who is Shorty's good friend and a friend to this Blog owned the Milton Flea Market.
Check out http://media.herald-dispatch for the complete story.
Today I'm in a mock NERB - mock national board- the 'real McCoy' is on Sept 20th. Its an eight hour exam.


Phani said...

I read the whole story in Herald-Dispatch, thats sad!

Dr.BOB said...

did the vendors have insurance? If my memory serves me many of these were permanent stalls, right?

Anonymous said...

Did you get the information from Blenko you have not written the answers.
Margie Hale

Hillary J Homburg said...

Doc Bob
Spoke with Shorty Finley today who told me about 30-40% of the people had insurance.