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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Root Canals and BLENKO

Collecting BLENKO GLASS creates SMILES~ we smile when we find the glass, we smile when we 'show off' our collections, and we smile when someone ask our help with a new collection. . . A Smile Is a GOOD Thing!
OH! On this day - my mind is filled with thoughts of ROOT CANALS! Successfully completing Dental School requires you complete a certain number prior to graduation. Today morning - I'll be completing a root canal.
Following is more information that you might ever need - but one of my goals is providing Dental Education to my patient base - and to have patients who 'take care of their teeth and gums' and who are informed about treatment.
A root canal is the commonly used term for the main canals within the dentin of the tooth. These are part of the natural cavity within a tooth that consists of the dental pulp chamber, the main canals, and sometimes more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the root surface of the tooth. Root canals are filled with a highly vascularized, loose connective tissue, the dental pulp. This sometimes becomes infected and inflamed, generally due to caries or tooth fractures that allow microorganisms, mostly bacteria from the oral flora or their byproducts, access to the pulp chamber or the root canals; the infected tissue is removed by a surgical intervention known as endodontic therapy and commonly called a root canal.


bridgett said...

While I have yet to experience a root canal. My friends tell me it is not pleasurable.
Your description is very plain and simple, having a description would make me less fearful.
I am certain you will be a most marvelous dentist and your patient base as you call it, will adore you.
Denistry is the most highly profitable of the med fields. Somedays I wish I had considered this career choice.
A bit of advice from a Veteran, be brave and pro active while you are in school. The expectations of others are much lower than you think. I give this speech to my residents each year.

sweetdoc said...

We don't have dental services in our clinic. Most every other speciality.
Your ability to handle full time med program and all the glasslady assignments is beyond my conception.
Keep up the Good Work, in the rootcanal, tooth replacement business and Glass.
How old are you? Don't answer this, as I know you are a very old soul Ms. HJH.

Dr.BOB said...

Hear the stress in your type!
Several good friends are Dentist and Oral Surgeons. All passed through the hell of WVSOD. You will also, my most successful friend took 6 years. He repeated 1st year and 4th year.
He describes it as a growth process. Lighten Up! You are almost there, and at age 23.
My friends were like me almost 30 when they finished. The key word is finished, its a endurance run, you learn to play the game.
Now that you have made us privy to your stress at Dent School, we'll need to have updates, for instance how the Root Canal went, did the patient survive?
This is the only time in your life when you are not totally responsible - enjoy!

susan said...

Been there - done that!
However, no one ever explained the proceedure to me. Only the subject of discussion was the cost.
Kudos to you Dr Hilary.

susan said...

When will Rick Blenko be signing glass again?
I want to schedule a trip down to Milton.

saltonannu said...

This too shall pass. . . unless you plan to do a speciality you will do very few root canals after graduation.
Trust me, I did Oral Surgery and the MD after Dentistry becomes more fascinating the further you go.
Fear is a great motivator or it can paralysis.
You don't mention your spirital connection - if haven't explored this, do so, it is apparent you have great heart.

andreerods said...

Root Canals and Blenko?
Must admit I was anxious to see how you made the connection.
Endodontic Therapy and Blenko, well only you GlassLady could successfully perform this surgery.
Awaiting the update, did the patient pass out before or after he saw the bill?
Does Blenko Glass appreciate you?

Anonymous said...

peregrination" .. . your blog brings this word to mind.
Ravi's great adventure in India, Your adventure into the canals of teeth etc.
Terry LaBarth

Anonymous said...

Have had a couple of root canals, a good, caring dentist that you will be make a huge difference. Now that they are finding out that poor dental health can cause so many other illnesses, it's something that you must do. Like changing the oil in your car to keep it running.
With your caring attitude, bright smile, your patients will love you. And Blenko in your office will make them smile even more.
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow and I will ask how the root canal went. Think it is funny that you get worried over doing something knew. I am like that too. Funny, you pulled how many of my teeth and had to cut bone off of my jaw bone and you have made me a set of teeth that only needs alittle something. I hope and pray it is not foggy in the morning, it makes me fearful to drive in that stuff and you know how 79 is either there is no one or everyone driving that road. and the construction you never know what will be there that was'nt. See you in the am. We all have our own set of fears. I use to be scared to drive in the dark. roxie

Anonymous said...

I told my dentist I found natural childbirth easier than going to the dentist!

You will be a great person for those, like me, with dental anxiety. The sounds and the smells of dental procedures are horrible, in spite of the fact that dentists are much better at preventing pain.

Anonymous said...

Was the root canal a success?
Was the patient older? My friends all seem to need root canals each time they visit the dentist. I lived almost 70 years w/o hearing the word root canal. Now it seems everyone has 3 or 4 yearly.
Also inplants everyone I know is having inplants. I had four last year to prevent dentures.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Phoned WVU Outpatient Clinic and offered my dentin, my teeth, my gums. I explained I needed an appointment with you. They lady tells me I must become part of a pool of patients and its a 1/50 chance you'll be my dentist.