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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

American Glass Blog -

Heart of Glass - Blogger friend Larry - of Serenity Glass in Texas has started a blog.
This is going to be the stopping place for American Glass identification and information - Larry
is very knowledgable, a hardworker, and his willingness to share information allows him to
stand above the crowds.
Check out the site - then bookmark the blog and return. hjh
American Handmade glassware
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Libbey/Rock Sharpe - Blenko Air twist ?
Libbey/ Rock Sharpe ??Blenko Air twist Compote?
Serenity 'Glass with Class'received these 4 images this week asking foridentification. The first appears to be Libbey/Rock Sharpe wheel cutting. The stem which is anIced Tea has the safety lip and a two part mouldedstem. I have not been able to find the exact stem orcutting in any of my books. I anyone has any insightor information please let me know. thanks in advance.LarryThe second set of photos from Larry T. in Indiana Showstwo Air twist stems, The piece on the left appears to be the#489 giant goblet. 1948 design 9 by Winslow Anderson.The compote I can't find in any of my materials, Iforwarded your photos to Tim and Karin Alonzo to seeif they can help. Thanks for the query. Larry from TX
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Wags Tail'r von Floppy Puppy and Spats Houdini Damnit
Wags and Spats are special residentsat Serenity 'Glass with Class'. They greetguests at the door and are always readyfor affection as can be seen with two ofour recent guests. Stop in if you are inthe area and sample their specialhospitality."Wags" resting at park"Wags" and "Spats" with Cheerleaders"Spats" with Cheerleader"Spats resting"Wags" ready to go
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fostoria: a short historyDuring the week of August 4 ,1887 ( 121 years ago) Lucian B. Martin of Hobbs, Brockunier and Company, William S Brady GM of the Riverside Glass Co. and J. B. Russell manager of Hobbs, Brockunier and Company along with mould makers Charles E. Beam of Riverside Glass and Harry Humphreyville came together in Wheeling WV to organize the Fostoria Glass Co. Building of the Factory with a 12 pot glass furnace was to begin not later than August 15, 1887 on land donated by the citizens of Fostoria Ohio and was to be completed no later than January 1,1888. Factory operations began on December 15, 1887. Early records and lists suggest that more than 300 different patterns (pressed, blown, etched ware and cuttings) were produced at this factory, The best known being "Victoria" #183 (1888- 1914) resembling Baccarat "Deposee" also "Cascade" #112 (1888 - 1910) which eventually evolved into "Queen Anne" #2412 (1926 - 1929), "Colony" #2412(1938 - 1982) and "Maypole (gift ware) 1981, 1982". In 1891 the Fostoria Glass factory was forced to leave Fostoria Ohio as the free natural gas supply was not adequate to maintain a constant temperature in the furnaces, and coal was a very expensive option. (Seneca Glass Co became the next occupant of the factory until 1896. Seneca Wire and Manufacturing is currently in operation on this property ). In December 1891 Fostoria Glass Company began production at their new Moundsville WV Factory. Furnaces at the Moundsville plant were fired with gas produced from "slack coal" (refuse from coal mines). Fostoria Glass company enjoyed many years of success at the Moundsville facility. In 1915 Fostoria introduced the "American Pattern", for which Fostoria is most well known, with 95 different pieces which grew to 340 different pieces before the closing of the factory in 1986. Fostoria Glass Co produced hundreds of different patterns and thousands of individual variations of shape, decoration, etches, cuttings, etc. In 1965 Fostoria Glass Co. purchased the Morgantown Glassware Guild, which it operated until 1971. In 1983 Lancaster Colony Corporation purchased the Fostoria Glass Co. Fostoria Glass factory was closed in 1986. Fostoria glassware remains today as a highly sought after collectible glassware and graces many elegant tables, and homes across the Country.Visit My website: http://serenityantiques.comE-Mail me: larry@serenityantiques.comThanks to Hillary at Blenko Blog and The Blenko ProjectResearch materials used were;Fostoria Factories by Henry Liebmann 1991 rights owned by the Fostoria Glass Society of AmericaFostoria Table ware by Milbra Long and Emily Seate 1999Fostoria First Fifty Years by Hazel Marie Weatherman 1972Some photos were obtained from Fostoria Glass Collectors Inc at:http://www.fostoriacollectors.orgClick photos for enlargementFostoria Line 233 Ruth Spoon c 1891-1893 Fostoria Line 112 Cascade Condiment set c 1888-1892Fostoria Line 200 Verona Butter and Cover c 1890-1893 Fostoria Line 88 Diamond Mirror Foot Bowl c 1888 Fostoria Line #183 Victoria Water Bottle c 1888-1914More Photos of early Fostoria at Fostoriacollectors.org
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fostoria New Garland
Pictured here is a Fostoria 2373 Footed oil in Rose with the #284 New Garland Plate Etch produced from 1931 -1935.Website: www.serenityantiques.comE-mail: larry@serenityantiques.comFriends Blogs: Blenko BlogBlenko Project
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Do You need a piece of glassware identified?
Do You have a Piece of glass, that belonged to your Mother or Grandmother, That you need to know something about? You have come to the right place.We at Serenity 'Glass with Class' Have many years of American handmade research at our disposal. All we need is a clear photo of your glassware to get started.Our Website Serenityantiques.comBlenko BlogBlenko ProjectE-Mail me: larry@serenityantiques.com


Anonymous said...

We have missed Larry, I will cut and paste this to our local glass newsletter.
Thnx Hillary

annu said...

Fostoria closed in the 80s?
Is it now being remade?