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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Does your Collecton or Purchase Reflect Your Personality?

Heart of Glass Blog reader Solomon sent the following cut and paste article about Cars reflecting their driver/owners personality? I drive a VW - which Sol writes was NOT made in the USA.! Re: My VW some parts of it were made in the USA , it was assembled in Mexico. VWs much like BLENKO GLASS have always been 'near and dear' to my heart.
I wonder does the TYPE of GLASS you COLLECT also reflect your Personality? I need to ask Tammy Kosla about this, she's had most contact with collectors. What do you think?

Could it be you are you attracted to different items than your spouse or friends because of personality differences?

Are you someone who would NEVER collect Blenko as its factory made and also not imported? No Snob appeal - does this mean you would drive a BMW? . . . . just wandering. . . . your thoughts? If you don't want to commit to a google name you may email response to theblenkoproject@aol.com and I'll post all after my rotation.
Does a car reflect the driver's personality?
Last Updated: Monday, July 6, 2009 1:47 PM ET Comments51Recommend27
The Associated Press
The kind of car you drive — or the one you're attracted to — may say something about your personality, new research suggests.
Take the redesigned Volkswagen Beetle, says Dennis Slice, a shape analysis researcher at Florida State University. "I don't think anyone could be mean to someone else in a Volkswagen Beetle," he said.
The narrow body, wide-eyed circular headlights, tall windshield and curve of the bug's hood match the facial features of a smiling woman or child, Slice said.
"This is the classic cute car — not dominant, not aggressive," said Slice, who is an associate professor of scientific computing at Florida State.
Contributing to his perception of the car: the butterfly decals on the front bumper, flowers in the dashboard vase and lime-green paint job.
Slice is exploring the widely held belief that cars project personalities because they look like human faces when viewed head-on.
Key for designers
He and colleagues at Vienna University are hoping to help designers determine what parts of a car, such as the headlights, grill or windshield, they can change to project traits that make cars more appealing to different kinds of customers.
One key question is whether drivers have the same personalities as their cars.
Slice got a bit of anecdotal evidence in the parking lot from Gwen Oliver, a custodial supervisor at Florida State, after telling her that her black Eclipse is dominant, aggressive, powerful and "ready to take care of business."
Oliver agreed.
"I am. Everything you said, I'm like that," Oliver told him after she briskly walked over to see why he was interested in her car.
"I'm aggressive, I'm straightforward and I'm outgoing and I believe in getting the job done," she said.
The idea of seeing faces in inanimate objects is part of a survival instinct


annu said...

Interesting - thought provoking.
I drive a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren 07 semi gift from parents.
We collect Dale Gilhuly. imported handcrafted perfume bottles.
Blenko is a new collection, I am enjoying the feeling of 'connection' between the community and the worker. As with Gilhuly I feel I know the craftsmen of Blenko.
To date I have bought several Bayliss Designs but mostly vintage sandblasted Husted or Anderson designs.
I do not identify with my car, my personality is that of a moped (perhaps painted bright orange). Safety is my #1 priority, beauty and function are also important in cars and glass.
Now I am interested in learning what Mountain Rita, Phani, and Sweet Doc have to say about this topic.

annu said...

Your choice is also interesting my vision of Hillary is pictured in a small BMW or a vintage English car, Or a smart car.

Phani said...

I am not sure how far I agree to this article but my personality does suit the car I drive. I am 5'6 and try to keep myself fit as much as I can with running and tennis. I drive a Mazda 3 hatchback which is a small car with good/small engine in it. I feel that my car do resemble what I am and I do take care of it very well. I never liked gas guzzlers and am very recycling and energy efficient minded (good example is my electricity bill: ~$32 a month and i never knew how to use a dish washer). This is who I am. My car color is white although I wanted to have a blue zoom-zoom machine but I kinda got habituated with with white and now I love it.

Dr.BOB said...

' They' say the same thing about dogs ie your dog reflects your personality. I have an English Bull Dog, the wife has a Maltese who rules the house.
I drive a Volvo XC70 AWD my wife drives the little Convertible Volvo and before this she drove a Mustang convertible.
We collect everything one might call us OCD except we usually give away 3/4 to avoid clutter.
My car is who I am, or want to think I am rugged, dependable and my wife even at over 67 is still hot and spicey and driving a soft top.
With Blenko we like the unusual items, the vintage, and the mistakes.
Phani you remind me of mysef my electric bill (whole house) is never over $100 since the boys moved out. I also keep a strict budget that covers everything but the wife - I say this to warn you - glass addictions are costly. In time & $$$(as you discovered last month). Welcome to the Blenko Lovers Club. My car halts automatically at Blenko because my wife loves Blenko.

chitrakahn said...

Below is a poem given always to prospective brides by the local priest . . . . he ask then to read, then says, but a secret is you must learn what he loves {his car, his sports team, his mother, his glass collection} and share that passion as if it were your own.
Phani you my man are doing just this. When I am not at work I will write about my glass and personality.
To really love a man

To understand him—you must first read his heart

For written there are many fears, doubts, insecurities

That he has walled up and fenced in and hidden

So the world will think him strong.

To really love a man

To delight him—you will have to be delighted

For his entire being is poured into the thought

That his fight for strength has won for him

Respect, attention, honor…and you.

To really love a man

To possess him—you must speak recurring vows

Dream your dreams, wish your wishes, speak your promises

In dark skies, and lands of broken promises, dreams deferred

Wishes un-granted, vows unspoken, often.

To really love a man

To caress him—you will need more than willing hands

Your voice, your soul, your mind, your lips,

Will all join with your hands to softly, tenderly

Remove his need to capture strength.

To really love a man

To love him really—you will have to be understood

To allow him to delight you, to possess you, to caress you

For only when he sees in you what you desire from him

Can you taste and breathe, forever his.

Anonymous said...

Phani has left a new comment on your post "Does your Collecton or Purchase Reflect Your Perso...":

Chitra, You have a way of reading in-between lines and in a way I was intending for my darling to read this and know me even more if she gets around to reading it. Btw, That was a lovely poem and does suit to both his and her. Dr. Bob, I will keep your words in mind.

Anonymous said...

Everything I own is for sale.
I buy with this in mind, can I resell for 30% more. If so, I buy.
My personality is high energy, little order this radiates to my glass its colorful, nothing matches there is no order to the collection. I drive a van useful for hauling my treasures.
Sue Mullins

glassbug said...

Ask the original member of BCS what is their personality and what do they collect?
These 6-10 most interesting pioneers.
This would be the information of greatest interest for me.
I am an accountant and I collect only vintage Blenko mostly Winslow

Anonymous said...

"It is common for a person with dementia to wander and become lost; many do repeatedly. In fact, over 60 percent of those with dementia will"

chitrakahn said...

Mountain Rita,
First time in recorded history your remarks are on target. Does a correlation exist in this sample?

susan said...

You and the car and the fluffy white dogs all say
purity, happiness and approachable.
Now what glass do you collect Hilary?

susan said...

Phani did you say what type blenko you collect or if you collect other types of glass?
Get it that your person is
fit and in shape and your car is fast and you are smart and go after what you want.

Phani said...

I am not a collector Susan.